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Exploring a different way of being. Join in.

Kind Words from Caring Hearts

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for your work and for the enlightening conversations that I feel so lucky to be a part of. The consistent super quality of your content is awesome.

Robert O

Keep up the amazing work that you are doing because it is your podcasts that are the strong nudge for me to finally slowdown and be true to my soul: To go ahead and build my organic greenhouse, to quiet the chatter in my brain, to paint, to remove clutter in my brain and space, to remove distractions, to live, to breath, to be grateful … so grateful.

Evangelia L

I LOVE YOU! I ADORE YOU! You are an amazing podcaster, and I enjoy all your podcasts. I appreciate so much your heart and passion for what you do! Please keep up the great work and kind, powerful and loving messages you send out to the universe!

RuthAnn F

I love your podcast! You are already changing the world – at least my world, anyways! I just wanted to say that in case you were wondering if your podcasts are making a difference, I can tell you right now you have changed my future, so … YES! AND – thank you!!

Angela K

Thank you so much for creating this great podcast and breaking through the conformity in which we are expected to live. You are an inspiration to me!

Katherine M

You’ve made a huge difference in my life and I want to thank you for your podcast! I’m taking steps to be kinder, more thoughtful, more present, and be better for all living beings. Thanks to your inspiration, I feel so much more authentic. You Rock Deb Ozarko!

Gayle N

I’ve been listening to your podcasts since the first episode. Wow, you’ve knocked my socks off! You are truly a word weaver. Everything you say resonates with me. So, keep on doing what you’re doing, we’re out here listening, learning, and feeling connected in a disconnected world.

Pam M

I’ve been listening to your podcasts and I loved your energy immediately. I am looking forward to listening to you more to help me turbocharge my life!

Liz L

Thank you for all your inspirational words. It is time for me to look at my life and make some changes. Time to listen to my inner self. Thank you for what you do Deb.

Libby O

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your message. Love your work, love what you’re about. Anyway, just wanted to send love and appreciation for having the courage to share your message.

Aimee D

I am loving your podcasts! When you speak about making your own coffee table, personal care and cleaning products, it really makes me think about over-consumption and living a simpler life. Thank you!

Paula C

I’m really enjoying your work, your interviewees, and the way the show kind of helps to balance me out. I listen on my 90 minute car commute to work and sometimes get really moved (in an inspiring way) by what is said. Keep up the excellent work!

Len G

After listening to Jenny Brown’s interview I was hooked and have been plowing through your work. GREAT, GREAT podcast. It’s so beautiful and authentic. Keep up the great work! I’ll be listening! Thanks for all you do.

Nikki R

My journey has been started for awhile now, but since I’m not surrounded by like minded people it’s been hard to find my way. Your podcast is helping me to find my right path, the one that is just for me. Thank you!

Lyn W
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