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Table Talk: Who Are We in the Face of Collapse?

While relishing a beautiful summer day in our lovely screened porch, Deb Gleason, Louise LeBrun and myself enjoy another compelling Table Talk conversation about, Who Are We in the Face of Collapse.

In this conversation we explore how we are so conditioned to tiptoe around difficult conversations under the guise of “protecting” others and how this comes at great expense to the fullness of our most authentic expression.

We also talk about how the most difficult conversation in the global predicament we are living in today, is that of collapse: of civilization, of ecosystems, of the planetary biosphere, of Life on Earth. Few are willing to go there, and it’s not uncommon for this conversation to be negated, dismissed, mocked, and denied. But what if we stopped skirting the edges of difficult conversations such as these and allowed ourSelves to speak our truth? Not to educate, advise or convince, but simply to tell it like we know it within ourselves?

We delve into an exploration about the distraction of activism and the addictive nature of its expression that perpetuates a victim mentality. And of course, we talk at great length about the evolution of consciousness that propels us out of this box and into an entirely different way of being.

Other topics of exploration include:

  • How the critical conversation is not about collapse or climate change, it is about evolution of consciousness. Consciousness is what creates reality.
  • How activism hasn’t changed anything. If fact, things are much worse than they’ve ever been despite decades of activist movements.
  • Living with end-awareness. Redefining the meaning of longevity as living fully in the end.
  • A very different conversation about grief as a provocation for personal evolution.
  • And the power of choice, and the ripple effect of living authentically.

References within the conversation:

Fully Conscious…Alive! Interview with Dean Walker
Discoveries from a Retired Activist
The Perpetual Illusion of Change

To enjoy this conversation, simply click the audio link at the top of this post.

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