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What If…(or 36 Ways to Imagine a Better World)

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(Cartoon credit Pablo Stanley

  1. …we cared more about the reality of climate change than we did Justin Bieber’s self-destructive narcissism?
  2. …we placed more value on lives lost and ruined than business lost and ruined in the aftermath of a natural disaster?
  3. …there was no invisible line segregating our love of dogs from cows, cats from pigs and hamsters from chickens?
  4. …face-to-face brought us out of Facebook hiding so we connected once again?
  5. …gays, straights, lesbians, blacks, whites, women, transgendered, men, muslims, and jews existed without labels and we were valued equally for our humanity?
  6. …women were valued for their hearts, minds and spirits rather than their boobs, butts and vagina’s?
  7. …satellites and cell towers went “poof” and we were forced to connect heart-to-heart once again?
  8. …collaboration replaced competition?
  9. …we didn’t turn a blind eye with guilty indifference and instead, stopped to help the animal or person in need?
  10. …we walked, biked, ran or danced our way to a purposeful vocation every day?
  11. …giving prevailed over taking?
  12. …we’d listened before climate change became an unstoppable reality?
  13. …we were all responsible for the loving creation of the food that nourishes us?
  14. …we lived our own unique life purpose rather than fearfully fulfilling the meaningless, profit-driven missions of others?
  15. …we loved planet Earth more than we loved money?
  16. …we allowed ourselves to fully feel once again?
  17. …we were fully present in each and every moment?
  18. …unconditional compassion for all living beings regardless of race, gender, age or species was all that mattered?
  19. ….we actually listened to one another – I mean really listened?
  20. …prevention prevailed over pills?
  21. …there were no support systems to bail us out of unhealthy personal choices such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, the consumption of meat, dairy, sugar, and processed foods?
  22. …we didn’t buy into the “more is better” consumptive mindset?
  23. …we made everyday personal choices from the very core of our being – love?
  24. …we asked ourselves “how many beings suffered in the making of this meal, gadget or lifestyle choice” before we voted with our dollars?
  25. …we loved ourselves more than our iPhones?
  26. …the only gossip that we knew was the antiquated word in a dictionary?
  27. …we dared to live from a place of raw authenticity?
  28. …selfless trumped selfish.
  29. …there were no winners…or losers?
  30. …there was no oil, no plastic, no tv?
  31. …blame was eradicated and instead, we took complete responsibility for our thoughts, actions and lives?
  32. …judgement was replaced by discernment?
  33. …the only news was uplifting and hopeful?
  34. …we lived our lives from the depths of our hearts rather than the shallowness of our minds?
  35. …authenticity trumped conformity?
  36. …the meaning of life is simply to live, laugh, love and serve?

What if a better world was in your hands? Imagine.


You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
I hope some day you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.

– John Lennon

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