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Thin Places

Fat Ideas in Thin Spaces.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” —Albert Einstein

I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Surrounded by ocean, mountains, rainforest, bald eagles, orcas, harbor seals, coyotes, black bear, hummingbirds and a plethora of wild edibles all year round. As far as I’m concerned, this is paradise.

I wake up every morning with a deep sense of gratitude for the inspiration that led me here. My heart spoke, I listened, and within a few short months my partner and I packed up the house, left the city, and journeyed across the country to create an entirely new life. We’ve never looked back.

Coastal British Columbia has an energetic frequency that is difficult to articulate. There is an elevated vibration that seduces the soul. Since landing here in 2013, I’ve felt a heightened connection to something greater than myself. And yet, it is…my Self.

While hiking with the dogs the other day, I pondered it all. What brought me to this place? Why here? Why now?

The answer came straight from my heart. This is where I am meant to expand into my calling. Without the distractions of city living, my soul can lead me with clarity.

Feeling contemplative, I dug deeper. Why is it that certain places feel so powerful? The answer came in two words – thin spaces.

Thin spaces cannot be seen, but they can be felt. They’re the translucent spaces between the spirit and material world.

Thin spaces are often found in natural settings far removed from the oppressive density and distracted anxiety of urban settings.

We’re often magnetized by thin spaces: mountains, oceans, forests, rivers, lakes, even city parks. Deep within our soul we’re reminded of the oneness that connects us to all life. Thin spaces bring us home to who we really are.

Humans are a hybrid species of flesh and spirit, and thus we live our lives in parallel worlds. Because of the cultural addiction to physical brain consciousness (aka intellect), we remain mostly ignorant to the expansive wisdom in our souls.

As written on the Mystic Muse website:

It is as if a one-way mirror stands between our ordinary consciousness and the heights and depths of our life in the psychic and spiritual worlds. Our brain lives on the reflective side of the mirror, and our higher self lives on the transparent side. Usually we are unconscious — at the brain level – of our larger identity. At all times, the deeper part is an active participant in our life, but while the material world engages most of our attention, our brain registers little of this deeper nature. Most of our higher nature is hidden behind the one-way mirror so that when we look inward we see only the usual physical and emotional awareness.

Collectively, we’ve lost our connection to animals and the natural world which easily explains why we’re so disconnected from ourselves and one another. Simply by spending time in nature however, it’s easy to return to the true Self – simply stopping to breathe, observe, and feel. Thin spaces are energizing, inspiring, healing, and unifying.

Thin spaces have always been a great source of inspiration for me. Whether I feel creatively blocked, a need for healing, or a burst of inspired energy, thin spaces are my go-to mode of therapy. Sometimes I crave the expansiveness of the ocean. Other times I’m lured into the safety of the trees. When I feel a need to be close to the heavens, I seek out the mountains. When in thin spaces, my mind settles, my body relaxes, and my creative self/intuition/soul can guide me without the interference that comes from everyday life.

Fat ideas emerge in thin spaces.

The more time I spend in thin spaces, the more whole I feel: solid, confident, and connected. The more plugged in I am to my true Self, the easier it is to bring this energy into all situations of life. This means that I’m often more grounded and peaceful despite what life throws at me. Thin spaces are rocket fuel for elevating my consciousness.

Thin spaces inspire feeling more than thought. Here’s how I know when I’m in a thin space:

  • My heart is wide open.
  • My breathing slows down, my body relaxes, and my vision expands.
  • I’m sometimes moved to tears for no reason.
  • I feel a deep sense of peace.
  • I feel energized and focused, yet relaxed.
  • I receive amazing downloads of inspired thought (great for my work!).
  • I feel a powerful sense of connection to something greater than my self.
  • I sometimes feel the expansive love from departed beings who have transitioned from life.
  • I feel small and humbled by the magnificence of nature.
  • I’m overcome with gratitude for life, love, and the beauty of this planet.
  • I feel a unity where I realize that I am not in nature, I am nature. There is no separation.
  • I realize both my insignificance and my significance. I see this as the bridge between ego and essence.
  • I feel introspective, contemplative, and sometimes overcome by spontaneous joy.
  • I connect with a higher level of thought that leads me to meaningful questions that inspire healing.

Above all else, I feel a profound sense of presence. This is the state of being that my soul thanks me for – in spades.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” —Buddha

Thin spaces remind me to breathe and slow down. They show me how magical life is when the mind serves the heart. This is when purpose is no longer elusive and when love leads the way.

Thin spaces are my lifeline to truth, love, and life.

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