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Sylvie Gouin

UP #37: A Flexible Approach to Living a Balanced Life with Sylvie Gouin

What does it mean to have balance in your life?

Does it mean living in a state of perpetual zen-like bliss – clear headed, calm, grounded, and motivated? Even keeled and strong as the world crumbles around you? Or is it possible that it could mean something completely different?

Balance is one of the many pervasive buzz words in today’s culture that has been hijacked, watered down and distorted by the self-help movement. It’s become so cliché that for many of us, it’s lost its “oomph”. We recognize that the modern definition of a blissed out zen guru moving through the world in perfect balance is nothing more than another new age fantasy. In the end, “balance” has become yet another unattainable ploy to make us feel crappy about ourselves. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a variation of “I just can’t get my act together to have more balance in my life”, I’d be a wealthy woman.

So what exactly is balance? Is it really something meant to cause more stress in our lives because we just can’t get our acts together or, heaven forbid, could it possibly mean something more realistic – anchored in a reality that we can all relate to?

This week’s Unplug podcast takes back the word in a way that not only makes sense, it empowers.

Sylvie Gouin is a dear friend and wise yogini who shares her deeply meaningful outlook on balance  – an outlook that really makes sense and offers fresh perspectives on non judgmental self awareness.

Today we discuss:

  • What is yoga? How the purity of yoga helps us define balance in an attainable way.
  • Are you a mechanical human doing or a mindful human being?
  • Understanding why you believe what you believe and how this impacts your everyday life.
  • The all encompassing non-violence of ahimsa.
  • What does balance really mean?
  • The difference between non-attachment and non-caring.
  • How non-attachment helps us become more expansive within ourselves.
  • How non-attachment is directly interconnected with love and how the only way to love is so that others feel free.
  • How non-attachment is the key to balance.
  • The three cycles of nature and how they influence our life (important and fascinating!).
  • How balance is knowing what you need at all times.This week’s conversation is for everyone – whether you’re a practicing yogi or not. I invite you to enjoy today’s conversation with Sylvie Gouin who offers a flexible and attainable approach to balanced living.


This week I invite you to mindfully observe your patterns of action, inertia and containment to notice where you may need a little more TLC. You may surprise yourself!


• Sylvie Gouin’s website.
Inspired Living: A Yoga Journal – Sylvie’s book on Amazon.

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As always, thank you for listening and thank you for helping to co-create a better world!

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  1. Loved this podcast. I learned something amazing from Sylvie…take a look at the energy underneath the way you are being in the world. This is huge for me. I have a tendency to be action oriented and even when I am in a state of inertia I do it from a place of action…how exhausting. Now I know there is a better way….purity. And I love what you said Deb about just allowing life to unfold and going with the flow, that makes more sense now than ever. INSPIRED!

  2. Loved Sylvie’s words, I have a great feeling of calmness when I listen to Deb and Sylvie chat. Thank you!

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