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UP #64: A Spiritual Approach To Everyday Life With Sylvie Gouin

UP #64: A Spiritual Approach to Everyday Life with Sylvie Gouin

“Spirituality” is a loaded word that often triggers misconceptions. Many of us associate it with mainstream religion or blissed out folks who levitate their way through life. But neither of these memes accurately define the essence of spirituality.

In a nutshell, spirituality is about living the human experience with gusto.

Spirituality is about being in your body – really being in your body. It means living with presence, feeling your feelings, and honoring the calling that lives in your heart.

Spirituality is about living with kindness, and compassion – for yourself and for others. It’s about living authentically with grace, having solid boundaries, and not being afraid to feel the fullness of both the pain and joy in your life.

What does this all boil down to? Quite simply, it’s about living from the heart. A spiritual existence is not about perfection; it’s about being real, transparent, vulnerable, and accepting all that life throws you while knowing that you have the power to grow and expand from every experience.

Living your moment by moment truth is living an everyday spiritual life.

A few months back, this week’s Unplug podcast guest, Sylvie Gouin, wrote a powerful blog post that sums it all up.

She wrote:

Would you rather:
Live in the present or live with presence?
Find your purpose or live with purpose?
Operate on auto pilot as a human doing or mindfully experience life as a human being?
Talk about your potential or simply express it?

Today lets remember that spirituality is not complicated or airy fairy. It’s actually a grounded way of respecting life, right here, right now, exactly as it is, within what we are doing.

Simple. That’s the essence of spirituality. Just be who you are.

This week we chat about:

• What is spirituality?
• How can spirituality be an everyday part of our lives.
• Breathing life into our “to-do” list.
• Seeing the sacredness in every moment of life.
• What are you breathing life into through your beliefs?
• The practice of discipline without attachment.
• Using discipline, non-attachment and devotion to support stress management.
• The vibration of language and how it can either expand or contract us.
• How gratitude shifts our consciousness.
• The importance putting knowledge into action (rather than being a perpetual knowledge collector).
• The simple meaning of life.
• What is love?

Spirituality isn’t hard. It’s who we are. Enjoy this inspiring conversation!


• A Spiritual Approach: Online Journey’s
• Sylvie Gouin’s website.

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