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UP #02: The Transformative Power Of The Yogic Mind With Sylvie Gouin

UP #02: The Transformative Power of the Yogic Mind with Sylvie Gouin

You know when you’re in the company of someone who you feel like you’ve known forever? Someone who you connect with on a soul level?

Today I sit down to interview a wise and very dear friend of mine. Sylvie Gouin is the author of Inspired Living: A Guided Yoga Journal. She’s also one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know. Someone I feel so deeply honoured to have in my life.

She continually inspires me to view the world with an open heart and open mind. Sylvie is one of those rare, beautiful people who defies linear time when in her presence.

Sylvie is a well loved yoga teacher, registered Nutrition Consultant Practitioner, Reiki Master and she’s also currently completing a degree in interfaith theology. She writes regularly on her blog – always inspiring a broader way of viewing life.

Above all else, Sylvie exemplifies kindness. She has one of those beautiful smiles that lights up a room.

Yoga is Sylvie’s life. She lives and breathes the philosophy. She teaches and trains the asana practice with loving mindfulness while always inspiring critical thought. For Sylvie, yoga is not just another form of westernized exercise. It’s a way of being that’s built on the very foundation of love and compassion.

Today’s interview is truly inspiring and will definitely elicit some deep inner reflection. Enjoy!


You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay
• Sylvie’s Blog:
• Sylvie’s yoga training and retreats: Inspired Living Consulting
Inspired Living, A Yoga Journal

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