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Susan Simmons

UP #46: Moving from Victim to Powerhouse and Finding Yourself Along the Way with Susan Simmons

In this week’s Unplug podcast, I’m excited to introduce an inspirational friend who has accomplished incredible physical feats of athletic prowess that defy the realm of “normal”. Here’s the kicker – she has multiple sclerosis. Susan Simmons is an ultra-distance swimmer who crosses lakes, channels, and oceans with little fanfare save for a burning desire to finish – because she can. Her mission is to inspire others to believe in themselves as they move towards wholeness.

Susan and I met in 2006 when we both trained with the North Shore Masters swim club in Vancouver. I felt an instant connection. She’s warm, kind, funny, articulate, open-minded, and open-hearted. She’s also made for incredible endurance.

When we first met, Susan had recently returned to swimming after a 25 year hiatus. The MS diagnosis threw her into an emotional tailspin that caused her to believe that a bleak future was all there was. Fortunately she snapped out of the dark funk and reclaimed her life – through swimming.

She empowered herself with exercise, clean food, and lofty goals. With each step towards authenticity came great expansion – which brings us to the recent completion of a 70 km swimming marathon that proved that there are no limits.

We all have a life story. The question is, do we allow it to shape us or do we let it define us. There’s a big difference. In Susan’s case, she allowed the story to shape who she is today. This has empowered her to complete epic physical accomplishments that most people without a health disability would never consider.

This week we chat about:

• Moving from victim to powerhouse.
• How it’s when you don’t succeed that you learn the most.
• How your thoughts create your world. The power of belief.
• Letting the story shape you rather than define you.
• How the shift to a vegan lifestyle transformed her life – physically, mentally, and spiritually.
• You are what you eat.
• The power of service. Helping others is how we help ourselves.

Susan Simmons proves that you are only a victim to your beliefs, thoughts, and body if that’s the route you choose. If she can accomplish what she has with MS, imagine what you can accomplish without it. It all starts with faith, trust, and belief – in yourself.

I’m thrilled to share this inspiring conversation with my dear friend Susan Simmons with you today. Enjoy.


What personal goal can you move towards that expands your comfort zone and brings you closer to who you’ve always been meant to be? In other words, what have you always dreamed of but have always denied because of the excuses in your head?


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• Swimmers conquer 70 km Cowichan Lake double Goldstream Gazette.

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