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UP #70: Personal Development For Smart (and Compassionate) People With Steve Pavlina

UP #70: Personal Development for Smart (and Compassionate) People with Steve Pavlina

As a passionate advocate for living each day from a higher sense of calling, I’m always eager when I meet like-minded souls. Most people just exist, doing what it takes to get through each monochrome day. Yawn. This is not why we were birthed into this world.

What does it take to awaken the dormant potential within? For many people, a tragic circumstance is often the catalyst for change; when the comfort zone is smashed to reveal the possibility of so much more. The conditioning of the prevailing culture of ignorance loosens it’s grip on the psyche exposing expansive depths for endless possibility.

We’re not meant to blindly accept what we’ve been told. We’re meant to choose. Does it feel right or not? Does it bring us closer to love and truth or not? Does it bring us closer to life-affirming behaviors and actions or not? Life is a choice – moment by moment, day by day. Who we are is who we choose to be. Until we intimately know this, we are unconscious hostages to the conditioning that perpetuates the consumptive, destructive nature of status quo.

How do we consciously grow as human beings and how do we intelligently guide this process?

Enter Steve Pavlina, author, speaker, and creator of one of the most popular personal development websites in the world. With over 700 thought-provoking posts, Steve has risen to the top by freely sharing his plethora of wisdom, his paradigm-altering world view, and his willingness to care. This recipe of generosity has attracted more than two million readers to his site. Steve’s tagline is to “live life consciously”, and it is obvious that he does not hold back.

Steve’s life began conservatively – the humdrum existence that entraps us all. Once freed from the limitations and expectations of his family structure, the pendulum swung in the opposite direction. In 1991, Steve was arrested for grand felony theft. It was a pivotal moment in a jail cell that sparked his internal revolution.

Steve’s life has been tumultuous. Is there anyone who cannot relate? From jail cell to bankrupt business owner and everything between, Steve is proof positive that anyone can change, that anyone can be better, and that anyone can awaken the dormant potential within.

As he states on his website, “Personal development is hard work. It takes time, consistency, and patience.” I’d like to add that it also takes the willingness to accept that you are worth it. Personal development is alignment with truth and love.

In this week’s conversation, we delve into the essence of topics such as:

• How to become a conscious participant in growth.
• Choosing what kind of person you want to be.
• What is intelligent fearlessness?
• The scarcity mindset and the abundance mindset.
• How asking ourselves powerful questions empowers our growth.
• How failure can lead us to great personal expansion.
• The transformative power of embodied gratitude.
• Daring to care!
• How a greater sense of purpose serves the collective consciousness while creating flow and alignment.
• When we serve a higher calling, we no longer need motivation. It is internally driven with ease.
• Redefining goal setting.
• If our values and choices are not aligned, we don’t value ourselves.
• How vegan is the way to love, unity, and wholeness.
• How our hearts radiate an elevated level of thought.

Personal development is the willingness to say yes to what lives in the soul. It’s the willingness to embrace a higher calling that serves the collective good of Planet Earth. Personal development is saying yes to life, love, courage, and truth. All we are is always changing. Do we shrink or expand. Therein lies the ultimate life choice.


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  1. Love this podcast! Really like the way of thinking of us as a cell within a body and that we all need to work together for the greater good. Lots of food for thought in this podcast and full of compassion and inspiration. Thank you!

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