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SMTV Part One

SMTV Interview: Is Our World Beyond Hope? Part 1 of 2

In the fall of 2020, I was approached by a Canadian consultant for Supreme Master TV to film a two-part interview about my book, Beyond Hope. The interview expanded outward when I welcomed the film crew into my home, free from the “pandemic” fears that now plague most of humanity, and unreservedly opened my heart and mind to the entire crew. The interview morphed into a beautiful testament to my life … and to life itself.

Click on the video link below to watch part one. You can also watch at the Supreme Master website at this link. (Part two can be viewed at this link.)


Here is the description from the Supreme Master TV website:

Ms. Deb Ozarko of Ontario, Canada is the author of “Unplug” and “Beyond Hope: Letting Go of a World in Collapse.” She is also a graphic designer, the creator and host of the Unplug podcast, an “unapologetic vegan,” and an Ironman triathlon competitor. In her latest book, “Beyond Hope,” Deb writes that between climate change, widespread pollution, mass plant and wildlife extinctions, global overpopulation, and runaway biosphere decay, our world may have reached a point of no return.

On today’s program, Deb begins by telling us how her interest in protecting the planet began. For as long as she can remember, she has felt a deep connection to the Earth. And even as a child, she would pick up garbage that others had left behind. “I don’t really have an answer other than this intuitive love for the planet and for life, I guess.” “And my little child mind knew that just picking up the garbage was making a difference. And that just became something I did on a regular basis. I still do that to this day.” When she was only 12, Deb made another remarkable decision. Although none of her other family members were vegetarian, Deb decided to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. “I just had this strong intuitive gut feeling that consuming animal flesh was wrong. I couldn’t do it.”

As a little girl, Deb also had premonitions about the potential destruction of the planet. She recalls sobbing to her mother, saying, “I just want to live long enough to see the healing of the Earth.” “It wasn’t something that was a constant. It was something that I would pick up now and then. And it would come in waves.”

Deb discusses some of the many environmental problems our Earth is now facing. Although the book discusses the immense environmental problems facing our world, Deb finds personal solace in spending time with animals. Deb explains that these animals, especially the baby squirrels, have taught her many lessons…


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