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UP #61: We Are Spiritual Beings Seeking A Human Awakening With Sheila Winter Wallace

UP #61: We are Spiritual Beings Seeking a Human Awakening with Sheila Winter Wallace

It always amazes me how complicated we tend to make our lives. The dysfunctional culture we’ve normalized seems to thrive on this notion. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The way out of this mindset is actually quite simple – not necessarily easy, but simple nonetheless. If we would drop the stories we’ve accepted as reality, trust our bodies, breathe, and cherish ourselves, we would live in a completely different world – internally and externally.

With this high level of self care we’d lose our capacity to reason and excuse the nasty things we do to ourselves and others through our thoughts, choices, behaviors, and actions. The conformity, consumption, judgment, fear, and indifference that makes up the separation-based world model we’ve collectively normalized, would disintegrate with ease. We would live our lives guided by the truth within, and “nasty” would fade from our consciousness.

This week, I have the pleasure of conversing with someone who is deeply connected to her own inner truth. Sheila Winter Wallace is a woman who does not compromise on the truth of who she is.

She’s a healer in every sense of the word – commencing with herself. By healing her own life, Sheila has been able to embrace the fullness of the healer within. She is now sharing her remarkable gifts in ways that help so many others.

Sheila has an eclectic background. She’s a retired nurse with a plethora of deep wisdom about energy medicine. She has taught NLP, hypnosis, and energy psychology. She’s also a practitioner of cranial sacral therapy, somato-emotional release, applied kinesiology, reiki, the ancient Hawaiian practice of Huna, and so much more. She’s a Registered CODE model coach through the WEL-Systems Institute and the creator of BSI, or BodySpirit Integration.

As Sheila writes on her website, “The power to heal lies in letting go of the internal noise of our old stories/our safe ‘lies’… so that we can relax into the deep silence of our internal knowing… and hear the authentic intelligence/truth of our bodies. In the depth of that relaxation, pain must let go…”

This week our conversation leads us to interesting places such as:

• Losing the stories that hold us captive.
• The importance of curiosity to enhance our lives.
• The body is the last frontier for the stories we create about our lives.
• How our stories become addictions.
• How we are spiritual beings looking for a human awakening.
• How our thoughts create our emotions.
• We are wired to know joy and bliss but we’ve become compliant to the opposite.
• The power of breath to change our stories.
• How compassion has an essence of fire.
• Living a life of definition, not dogma.
• How people who feel cherished make very different decisions.
Sheila’s work inspires the movement from victim to pain to creator of ease. By moving into ease, we claim our courage, confidence, and compassion for the true Self.

This is a profound conversation that I’m grateful to bring to you. Be prepared to have your worldview blown wide open!


• Sheila’s website.
• WEL-Systems website.

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