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UP #66: Taking The Leap And Living From Purpose With Sean Howard

UP #66: Taking the Leap and Living from Purpose with Sean Howard

Sean Howard is a man on a mission to change the world – one heart at a time.

Sean has been a regular listener of the Unplug podcast, so when he reached out with an invitation to join him on his own podcast, Taking the Leap!, I was both honored and intrigued. I said yes. The rest is history.

Since then, Sean and I connected in person for an inspiring day on the Sunshine Coast laughing, exploring, and engaging in meaningful conversations about how to remain compassionate in a world that is often challenging. His transparent authenticity made for a fast friendship and I’m delighted to now have his loving presence in my circle of compassion.

Sean’s journey of self exploration led to a plethora of professional experiences including dog trainer, juggler, 3D artist, digital strategist, brand consultant, and more. There was one lingering constant however – something was missing. Sean’s creative spirit was desperate for self expression.

It was this inner awakening that inspired the pursuit of what is truly meaningful in life. This is the direction for today’s moving Unplug conversation.

This week, with raw authenticity, we dig into topics such as:

• The fear of success.
• How we need to feel safe to be real.
• Why presence is the greatest form of service.
• How opinions and advice are judgment in drag.
• The inherent power of sharing our stories.
• The necessity for like-minded community.
• How inspiration can be found everywhere.
• How creative expression serves ourselves and the world.
• Why there is nothing more powerful than our vulnerability to facilitate connection.
• What is talent?
• How purpose is alignment with our true self.
• How pain and purpose are intricately intertwined.
• Gratitude is the gateway to an abundant mindset.
• The power of silence.

I’m thrilled to share a deeply intimate conversation with podcast host, author, photographer, creator, and fellow traveller on the path of self discovery, Sean Howard.


• Sean’s book, Creators 2.0: How to find your purpose, build sustainable growth and change the world.
• Sean’s website.
• Taking the Leap? podcast on iTunes.
• Sean on Twitter.
• Sean on Facebook.
• My conversation with Sean. Taking the Leap! Episode 10: Dropping Into Our Hearts with Deb Ozarko.
Fat Ideas in Thin Spaces blog post mentioned in our conversation.

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  1. Thanks for this Show both Deb & Sean!  Loved the Long form conversation.  Appreciated the honesty of the Journey of “The Resistance” and struggle to get your Voices or there. I’m now subscribed (Android, as described as I can be, via Sticher & FM Player) to Both your Shows!
    Deb, I Will have to go back into your Archives and listen to that Rich Roll conversation.  I really enjoy his Long Form Podcasts as well. Much better chance of Revealing what’s true and possibly limiting us via your interview with Sean, & Rich Roll I’ll assume.
    Take care,
    Future Podcaster,
    Mark S.

    1. Thank you Mark! Lots of great stuff in the archives…and so much awesome stuff to come. Can’t wait to hear your podcast!

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