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New World Order

The Endless Loop of Sameness

“The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity” —Rollo May.

NOTE: This is part one of a three-part blog series. Part two can be read at this link. Part three can be read at this link. I have also created a pdf file of the entire post which can be downnloaded at this link.


We live in a world that continues to do battle with the content of “reality” with the inevitable outcome that little changes. The infinitesimal changes that do occur, inexorably amount to one-step forward, three steps back. The old adage that “history always repeats” could not be more accurate. We are a species so wholly attached to our stories and our dramas, that repetition is all we are capable of. Repetition is the progeny of sameness.

Louise LeBrun says it well in her blog post, Evolution by Intention: New Beginnings for Weary Souls, “We continue to live in a world that appears mindlessly committed to its own demise. Like punching a pillow, just when we think we might have made a difference in one place, we find ourselves bearing witness to another gaping protrusion that has formed itself elsewhere. And on and on it goes, a constant stream of the same problem played out by an endless variety of players, all with the same script. Our willingness, like our hearts, may be in the right place but our ability is lagging pitifully behind.

From infancy on, the human mind is programmed for stasis under the guise of “comfort”. While growth is a biological imperative, somewhere along the way we lost the memo. Conformity is rewarded, compliance is praised, and authenticity is ridiculed, ostracized or worse. Sameness is the glue that binds the human species to the brutality of its separation from the spiral of life.

Sameness is changelessness, normalized.

The unquestioned normalization of sameness exploits the mind’s fear of change by blinding it to the possibility of anything else. Without the solace of sameness, there is no certainty. No familiarity. No predictability.

No comfort.

While discomfort and uncertainty are powerful catalysts for change, most humans prefer the comfortable familiarity of what is already known, regardless of how appalling it may be. By allowing ourselves to only know the story of the known, however, there can not be anything else. And we wonder why nothing ever changes.

No matter how often we tell the familiar stories of our lives and our world, doing so will not propel us into the accelerated evolution required to transform us as a species, and by default, transform the world. With each pass at the well-worn content of good/bad, right/wrong, blame/shame, me/you/us/them; the groove only deepens. Until the invisible process holding the content of our stories intact becomes visible, change is impossible. Only in becoming visible does it become malleable and susceptible to change. Transformation then becomes possible at a pace and on a scale that can rapidly redesign a collective reality. As a species, we are born with this transformative potential. But potential has no value if untapped. In fact in a global collective unaware of its existence, potential is worthless and stasis is all there can ever be. Given the state of the world we have created, this does not bode well for a meaningful future.

To quote Louise LeBrun once again, “It may well be that given what many of us already see, we have reached a point in our history where we will not be able to “OM” away the deeply disturbing trend in the evolution of our humanity and our species. Meditation, prayer, a positive attitude and a deep and abiding faith in a god that will save us all may no longer be sufficient to save us from ourselves. Not because I say so, but because the reality we are creating says so. And, like it or not, we are indeed the creators of this reality—and much of it is ugly.

With consciousness not evolving beyond our perceived self-importance, we cannot know differently. By not knowing differently, we cannot choose differently. By not choosing differently, we cannot create differently and we remain perpetually trapped in the brutal story of separation. Such a simple concept, yet in a world of denial and ever-increasing complexity, a concept that few are able to comprehend. By refusing to choose differently, our world of culturally conditioned sameness is rapidly moving us toward the end-point of near-term extinction.

On a personal scale, I know the power of growth and accelerated evolution in my own life. As such, I live in an entirely different paradigm of my own design and creation. Whenever I leave the sanctuary of my own creation, however, I see the merciless evidence of mindless habituation, destructive choices, and cultural coma at all costs. In many ways, it reminds me of a disturbing movie called, The Endless; a movie with a time loop theme, among many other things. Personally, I find the concept of looping time to be quite frightening, yet here I am living in a collective reality based on just that.

As a species, the human tendency is enthrallment with the monotony of its culturally conditioned existence. The habitual distractions of eating, drinking, medicating, copulating, “working”, copulating, buying “stuff”, copulating, consuming, eating dead animals, copulating, gossiping, lying, blaming, copulating, pillaging the planet, and so on; render us incapable of restraining ourselves from anything but destruction—of mind, body, Earth, and Soul. For the vast majority of humans on Earth, the mechanical mindlessness of this existence is all they allow themselves to know. Because of our long history of separation from Life, very few are capable of the advanced knowing necessary to grasp the dire nature of our planetary circumstances. Fewer yet have the ability to make self-aware decisions beyond next week’s tv schedule, filling drug prescriptions, accumulating “friends” on Facebook, and finding a copulation partner.

Denial, Dissonance and the Crisis in Consciousness

When something is too overwhelming and painful, we tend to distract ourselves from it by denying it. We choose to believe something else so we can carry on with business-as-usual and pretend nothing is wrong. But it’s impossible to move on if we refuse to allow ourselves to see beyond our own discomfort. We may delude ourselves by believing our disconnect is comfortable, but the price we pay is high. The planet is a living example of the power of interconnectivity. Biosphere collapse is a living example of when interconnectivity fails. When we disconnect from our inherent interconnectivity, the only possible outcome is collapse of everything we hold dear. While denial may be the prevailing coping mechanism against overwhelm, fear and discomfort, the great irony is that it only ends up bringing us so much more of exactly that.

Because humans are programmed to breed, consume and deny the consequences of this behaviour, dissonance is rampant. It’s exceedingly difficult for people to understand something when their whole way of life depends on them not understanding. Being deeply invested in the brutality of the dominant civilization for their work, money, houses, cars, trucks, boats, fancy clothes, job titles, devices, bacon, chicken, steaks, and burgers, means the masses are incapable of seeing the bigger picture. In the air, the water, the soil; in the body, the mind, the spirit; in places and spaces far beyond our conscious awareness, the world is smothered by the evidence of coma incarnate. Coma incarnate can be nothing but asleep to its potential; asleep to the true power of what it authentically is.

The greatest problem in our world remains unspoken and pushed into the darkest crevices of our awareness. It is not social, political, economic, or even environmental. The greatest problem in our world is the crisis of consciousness that drives our insatiable consumption and infantile ways. It is exactly this crisis in consciousness that blinds us to our Essential nature and separates us from the ability to recognize this very same nature in all living things.

As a species, we have been hiding from our Selves for thousands of years, eventually forgetting our Selves completely. The result is a decay in conscience of unfathomable proportions. Inwardly, we have rendered ourselves uninhabitable to the very Soul of what we are. Outwardly we have created the perfect conditions for an uninhabitable Earth. By committing the eyes-wide-open decimation of Earth and Soul, human beings have earned the appalling distinction of the most powerful parasitic species on Earth.

Biodiversity and Free Will

In nature, all beings know how to act in unison and to move with their spirit. But not all benefit the other species around them. For example, the locust will devour everything in its path. A locust has no choice but to act like a locust. Ticks will gorge themselves on the lifeblood of others, sometimes to the point of anemia or death. Ticks have no choice but to act like ticks.

Neither the locust or the tick will ever make honey or pollinate plants the way a bee does. The behaviour of locusts and ticks is rigid, but a human is unique because we have the power of free will. As such, we can choose to act cooperatively like a bee, or we can choose to act rigidly like a locust or tick. Free will allows us to change and manipulate the patterns in how we interact with the world, therefore we can exist synergistically or antagonistically. Clearly, with the hostile world we have created, free will has not served us. We have not chosen wisely.

While diversity in the natural world is synergistic, diversity in the human world is antagonistic, aggressive and war-like. For instance, when multiple races, religions, belief systems, and cultures live in close proximity, conflict often arises. When non-human animal species live in close proximity to the human species, murder (often labelled, culling, hunting, trapping, poisoning, slaughter, etc) is generally the outcome. While humans are the burdensome thumbs on the scale, life has a balance and organic existence has an equilibrium that inevitably finds its way.

Even after humanity has decimated large swaths of the natural world through development, industry, clearcutting, fracking, hydro dams, tar sands, pollution, farming, fishing, mining, grazing, pesticides, and so on; when that ecosystem is finally left alone, it naturally finds its way back to diversity and equilibrium. Humans, with their mindset of separation on the other hand, are incapable of diversity and equilibrium. Because of this, our world gets smaller, more compressed and claustrophobic by the day, while the illusion of human supremacy proves itself to be the fallacy it has been all along. As we curl in on our Soul Selves, we have created a pressure cooker of dead potential, ready to blow at the slightest provocation. Nuclear war anyone? How about abrupt climate disruption, ecosystem, political, economic, and societal collapse? Potential unengaged makes room only for ugly possibilities. No potential engaged means no chance for the radical transformation we’ve so desperately needed. Soon our world will be so compressed from flatlined potential that even the endless loop of sameness will have its final day.

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  1. Wow, Deb.

    Your words always resonate so deep in the core of my core. As I read, I constantly find myself needing to breathe deeper and allowing your words to resonate where they will within my being. I experience the vibration of the words as waves moving through me, one more powerful than the next. All truthful, with NO component of bullshit or fear. Thank you for all the work you have put out — it has liberated me in ways that I am unable to articulate, but feel very deeply.

    I have spent the vast majority of my life denying the Truth of my own experience, because that’s what we are conditioned to do. Then, along comes Sheila and Louise’s work, and then, you. And it is all falling into place for me. It is all making sense. It is all aligning. There are people who see what I see and know what I know AND THEY DO NOT DENY IT or sugar coat it or pretend it’s not there because it’s too painful. They understand, from their very core, that looking away only makes it worse, perpetuates more of the sameness we’ve always had, and THAT is the most painful of it all. You do not betray yourself, you do not betray your Truth, you do not betray all that you are, and to me, that is incredibly empowering. Through your words (and Sheila’s and Louise’s), I am learning to trust what presents within me and act from that space.

    I’d like to share with you a blog post I wrote that was inspired by your words. I would be honored if you found some time to read it. It is called “Dominion and the Power of Choice” found here:

    In any case, thank you for your writing, thank you for your Truth, thank you for living the way you do. I am inspired, and I am transforming.

    I always look forward to what you say.

    1. Thank you for sharing the raw truth of yourSelf Stela. I’m deeply grateful that my words are meaningful to you. As someone who has also been profoundly influenced by the work of Louise LeBrun, there comes a time when hiding behind the illusion no longer feels right. You and I know this. It’s amazing how many layers there are to the illusion. In fact, it never ends. As I continually peel away the layers of illusion in my own life, I see how my presence has an increasingly penetrating quality to it. I see what I see, hear what I hear, and feel what I feel. It is all mine, internally driven. This is what I share in my work. It takes great courage to not look away or hide behind the stasis of “comfortable and familiar”. For that, I honour you. As you and I both know, “comfortable and familiar” is anything but!

      Thank you also for sharing your blog post. It is powerful and your words are so needed. Through your fire, I see my own and I’m grateful for another unapologetic voice expressing in the Great Void. We are kindred spirits!

  2. I love your writings, Deb, and I would love to hear your perspective again on your podcast. The best episodes were always you casually telling stories and dropping truth. Your no-status-quo spirit crushes the burnout and solitude many of us feel in this dysfunctional world!

    1. Hi Richard, While the podcast is officially complete, I am considering including the occasional recorded conversation on the blog. Anything I decide to include will be less polished and more spontaneous and raw than the podcast. These will literally be conversations around the dining table—the kind of expansive conversations that I need to provoke my own evolution. By sharing these conversations, potential then exists for anyone willing to listen, and engage. So stay tuned. I’m feeling the urge to record something soon!

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