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UP #76: You’ve Got To Move It! With Ryan Grant

UP #76: You’ve Got to Move it! with Ryan Grant

The sedentary cultural mindset of today is hurting us – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Collectively, we spend more time on our heinies than we do on our feet. In our cars, at our desks, in front of the computer, and the tv. We sit from sunup until sundown. We sleep, we wake up…and we sit all over again. Sleep, eat, sit, repeat.

“More than one-half of an average person’s day is spent being sedentary — sitting, watching television or working at a computer,” says Dr. David Alter, senior scientist at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto. According to a recent study by Dr. Alter, people who sit too much have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and shorter life spans. The bottom line? Humans were meant to move. It’s really that simple.

Not only does movement help us feel better physically, it enhances self-esteem and self-awareness, it reduces anxiety and depression, it enhances the mind-body connection (which tunes us into intuition), and it facilitates learning on a deeper, more experiential level. The body is intimately involved in our emotions, inspiration, intuitive hits, and our inner truth. Despite what we’ve been taught by culture, mind and body are not separate. The body is our true brain. Movement instigates a higher level of critical thought.

Think about it. When you contrast sedentary thought processes with those that arrive when you’re out hiking, dancing, running, kayaking, or whatever feeds your soul, how do they compare? Often our greatest inspiration, creativity, and problem-solving occurs through movement. Movement connects head with heart; body with soul.

This week I speak with a man who is passionate about movement. By breaking down paradigms that trap us in limiting beliefs, Ryan Grant empowers us to move.

Ryan is a former professional triathlete, competitive runner (who runs a sub 30 minute 10K), adventure racer, and ultra expedition runner. He’s also the co-owner (with his sister, Cassandra) of SoleFit Inc., an Ottawa, Ontario based business that is passionate about inspiring activity – whether it’s through high-level sport, or just getting out for daily walks.

Ryan recently completed a 21 day epic adventure running across the Patagonia desert in support of the Impossible2Possible Foundation. Along with Impossible2Possible founder, Ray Zahab and Stephano Gregoretti, the trio set out to inspire, educate, and empower the global community of youth to reach beyond their perceived limits. By using adventure to inspire interactive learning about remote parts of the world, other cultures, and also to show that there are no limits to what we can do when we set our minds to something, hearts and minds are opened, and positive change happens.

Ryan is a gifted athlete with a massive heart. Do not let his athletic prowess intimidate however. Ryan’s accomplishments are not for show. They’re for the simple reason that he just loves to move. This is what he inspires in all of us. It makes no difference if it’s lawn bowling, walking the dog, running, or triathlon. Ryan is passionate about inspiring a culture that reclaims its birthright to move.

This week’s conversation explores so many great topics including:

• The importance of movement.
• What would it be like if age didn’t matter?
• The stigma of age.
• Leveraging our passions for health and wellness.
• How willpower is finite, but passion burns indefinitely.
• The difference between health and performance.
• Learning to listen to body wisdom.
• Why we strive to fill every moment with “busy”.
• How mindful practices such as meditation and grounding bring us more into balance.
• Saying yes to the adventure of life.

Ryan’s ultimate message for everyone is this: move, don’t accept status quo, you are not defined by your age, honor your passions, and there are no limits to what we are capable of. Ryan Grant exemplifies it all with humble gratitude.


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• Running the Sahara movie trailer.

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