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UP #48: From Cancer To Ironman, It’s Never Too Late To Transform Your Life With Dr. Ruth Heidrich

UP #48: From Cancer to Ironman, it’s Never too Late to Transform Your Life with Dr. Ruth Heidrich

If you received a cancer diagnosis, what do you think you would do? What would be the first action item on your “let’s crush this” list?

If you’re anything like today’s Unplug podcast guest, you’d sign up for an Ironman triathlon of course!

Dr. Ruth Heidrich is a six-time Ironman Triathlon finisher who has won more than 900 medals in races around the world, including more than 60 marathons. She’s also the recipient of 8 gold medals in the U.S. Senior Olympics and was named one of the 10 fittest women in North America. Now in her late seventies, Ruth was diagnosed with breast cancer in her forties which inspired a massive life shift that ignited her passion for change.

What is most inspiring about Ruth is that much of what she accomplished came later in life. After surviving breast cancer without any conventional treatments from the allopathic medical model, she charted a new course for her life. Ruth chose to heal herself entirely with diet – along with the powerful belief that she would reverse the cancer. By moving away from a status quo animal-based diet and throwing herself completely into a status quo crushing vegan diet, she healed herself. As she healed, her health soared and she dove head first into inspiring physical challenges to prove that what we put into our body not only fuels us, it becomes us.

Ruth has since been featured in the game-changing movie “Forks Over Knives” and has authored four books including her latest book Lifelong Running: How to Overcome the 11 Myths of Running and Live a Healthier Life.

Fueling with live food unleashes the powerful life force that connects us to our core being – that expansive place within that is capable of anything. Ruth is a shining example of someone who lives her life guided by that powerful life force and as a result, she’s accomplished incredible physical feats as she inspires the masses to open their hearts and minds to a higher level of wellness.

In this week’s conversation we chat about:

• The misinformation of today’s mainstream medical profession.
• How passion ignites the fire within our hearts.
• The normalization of obesity.
• How diet is the solution to all of our problems.
• The transformative healing power of raw food.
• How a vegan lifestyle can be the gateway for awakening.
• The loving power of compassionate detachment.
• How waking up to a wider circle of compassion is often triggered by a personal crisis.
• The difference between positive, negative, and variable reinforcement.

To quote T.Colin Campbell’s words, “Ruth Heidrich is an inspiration to so many people. Her persistence, her commitment to fitness, her use of the healthiest food, and her consciousness of what could be a bright future for all of us make this interview a must listen”.

I’m honored to share my conversation with this passionate and inspiring woman with you today.

Ruth Heidrich Beat Cancer by Changing Diet, Interview


• Ruth Heidrich’s website.
• Ruth Heidrich on Facebook.
• Vegetarian Society of Hawaii website.
• Lifelong Running: Overcome the 11 Myths About Running and Live a Healthier Life book on Amazon.
Forks Over Knives movie.

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