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Path to Purpose Guided Meditation

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We all have unique gifts to share with the world. Our purpose is to share these gifts liberally as we move through life in a meaningful way. Connect to your unique purpose with this beautiful guided meditation and reveal the person you’ve always been meant to be.

NOTE: This is a digital product available for immediate download only. There is no cd of this product. You will have immediate access to the download link after purchase. Enjoy!


Do you ever feel lost in a world of confusion and despair? Do you long for dreams that have gone unfulfilled? Do you feel like you can be so much more if you could only get out of your way?

Your inner state of well-being is what creates your life. The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the beliefs that drive you – all have an energy that create your reality. Do they limit you? Do they separate you from the truth of who you are? Do they keep you trapped in feelings of scarcity, fear, and separation? Regardless how far you may perceive your dreams to be, transformation can happen in the blink of an eye. There’s no time like now to start on your path to purpose.

Embark on a journey into your deepest heart space – your essence. It’s not what you do or achieve, it’s who you are as you give yourself to the world. Reveal the purpose that lives in your heart and create the meaningful life that your soul yearns for.

• Open to inner guidance
• Expand your awareness.
• Connect to creativity and inspiration.
• Feel peaceful and focused.

Track 1:
Guided meditation, relaxation music, Theta binaural beats.
Track 2: Relaxation music, Theta binaural beats.
Run Time: Approximately 30 minutes per track.
Includes: Meditation Easy Start Guide in pdf format.

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