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Awakening Your Heart Guided Meditation

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As you expand your heart space, you open to the higher energetic frequencies of love, joy, gratitude, and abundance of spirit. This is when life becomes magical, miraculous, and amazing!

NOTE: This is a digital product available for immediate download only. There is no cd of this product. You will have immediate access to the download link after purchase. Enjoy!


Your heart has a powerful consciousness of its own. However many of us fear this power because it defies the intellect. It defies all reasoning, logic and linear processing. Heart expansion often intimidates, where instead, it should be embraced. The mind is meant to serve the heart and this meditation reminds you that you are so much more than you can ever imagine when you open your heart to its magnificent intelligence.

Heart intelligence is the steady flow of conscious awareness, wisdom, inspiration, and intuition that is felt when the mind and emotions align with the heart.

The more we honour the wisdom of the heart, the more expansive we become.

This guided meditation:

• Opens you to inspiration, gratitude, and love
• Expands your awareness.
• Opens your heart.
• Feel peaceful and focused.

Track 1:
Guided meditation, relaxation music, Theta binaural beats.
Track 2: Relaxation music, Theta binaural beats.
Run Time: Approximately 30 minutes per track.
Includes: Meditation Easy Start Guide in pdf format.

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