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Authentically You Guided Meditation

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This powerful guided meditation journeys into the total Self to remind you that you are an essential strand in the intricate web of life. This is your gateway to embrace the totality of the one and only YOU!

NOTE: This is a digital product available for immediate download only. There is no cd of this product. You will have immediate access to the download link after purchase. Enjoy!


What does it mean to express yourself authentically?

For most of us, cultural conditioning runs so deep that we’ve become nothing more than by-products of 21st Century group think. As a result, a steady undercurrent of unease creates feelings of low self worth as we close ourselves off from our own magnificence.

But we are so much more than our physical body, our intellect, our emotions, habitual patterns and cultural conditioning. We are limitless beings of energy sourced from the purest life force meant to express ourselves uniquely, purposefully, and lovingly in ways that leave the world a better place.

This guided meditation:

• Opens you to inner guidance
• Expands your awareness.
• Opens your heart.
• Connection to inspiration.
• Feel peaceful and focused.

Track 1:
Guided meditation, relaxation music, Theta binaural beats.
Track 2: Relaxation music, Theta binaural beats.
Run Time: Approximately 30 minutes per track.
Includes: Meditation Easy Start Guide in pdf format.

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