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Five Easy Steps for Leaving a Podcast Review on iTunes

Rating and reviewing the Unplug podcast on iTunes is one of the best ways to show your appreciation and support for the show. Not only does it show the reciprocity of gratitude, it also helps other listeners discover the show.

iTunes can be a bit challenging to navigate however.

Here are five easy steps for navigating iTunes to easily rate and review the show. Thank you for caring!

Step one:

Click here to go the iTunes Preview page for The Unplug Podcast.
Click the View in iTunes button (highlighted below in red).
You may see a small popup box asking you to launch iTunes. Simply click on the button to launch the iTunes application.

Podcast review page 1


Clicking the View in iTunes link will launch the Unplug podcast in iTunes and a page will open that looks like this:

Podcast review page 2


Step two:

Click the Ratings and Review tab as highlighted in the image above. it will open a page like this:

Podcast review page 3

Step three:

Rate the podcast by selecting 1 to 5 stars. If the podcast is meaningful for you, please consider a 5 star rating!

Step four:

Write an honest review of how the show impacts your life and what it means to you. A few sentences is great!

Step five:

Click the Subscribe button. That way you will always have the latest episode in your iTunes podcast section. Subscribing also helps with the ratings!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review the podcast. It means so much to me and it greatly enhances visibility for the show!!!

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