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Julie Piatt

UP #65: An Evolution Revolution, the Plantpower Way with Julie Piatt

There’s an exciting revolution underway – a revolution in consciousness that begins with…plants! Yep, you read that right. Plants as in Mother Nature’s miraculous culinary offerings that energize and inspire wellness – for body, mind, and soul. Julie Piatt sums it up in one powerful sentence, “food is the first portal into discovering who you are.” I couldn’t agree more.

Potential isn’t found in Slurpees, donuts, and bacon. Plants are where it’s at. Living foods. High vibrational foods. Energizing foods. This is the Plantpower Way.

This week I speak with Julie Piatt about the soon to be released, The Plantpower Way: part cookbook, part lifestyle guide, and a whole lot of inspiration. Co-authored with her powerhouse husband, ultra athlete, Rich Roll, this book is sure to please the toughest crowd. I say this with authority as I savor the design, photography, content, and recipes in my coveted copy of the pre-released book.
Julie and I have…a “thing”; a like-minded connection that defies physical proximity and geographical boundaries. We click. We connect. We open our hearts to inspire a better way of being. If you think that today’s conversation is just about a book, think again. It’s about a way of life that unlocks the limitless potential of who you are – from deep within your heart.

This week we explore topics such as:

• What is the Plantpower Way?
• How your health is in your hands.
• Living creatively in alignment with your heart.
• How food is the first portal into discovering who you are.
• What is divine love?
• How eating higher vibrational food aligns with your heart.
• The difference between diet and lifestyle.
• What is extreme faith?
• The warrior path for transformation.
• The “four-month” rule for focusing on what is important for your soul.
• Do you worship the system or what really matters?
• Living your life in alignment with your mission every day.
• What is neutral loving compassion?
• How creative energy is spiritual energy.
• How creativity is the language of the Gods.

If you haven’t yet heard my conversation with Julie on episode #55, I implore you to check it out. It’s worth it.

In the meantime, enjoy this enlightening and entertaining conversation. I promise that you will feel uplifted and inspired, ready to embrace The Plantpower Way.


• Rich Roll and the Plantpower Way.
• Julie Piatt’s website.
• Find Julie’s music at this link.
• Julie and Rich’s short film, “Down Dog”.
• Cowspiracy, the movie.
Diviana Alchemy raw organic treats (mentioned at the beginning of the conversation)
• MacLay Heriot photography website.
• Ginny Guzman photography website.

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