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UP #06: Living Consciously In An Unconscious World With Peter Russell

UP #06: Living Consciously in an Unconscious World with Peter Russell

Have you ever pondered what it would look like to combine the linear thought process of science with the non-linear heart connection of spirituality? If so, you’d probably conjure up a little something that looked like today’s guest.

Peter Russell is considered somewhat of a “rock star” in the spiritual world (although he’d probably be embarrassed by the fanfare). He began as a rather unlikely spiritual guru studying mathematics, computer science and theoretical physics at Cambridge University. Over time, he became increasingly fascinated with the human mind and changed his course of study to experimental psychology. This eventually led him to India where he studied meditation and eastern philosophy with the likes of Maharishi (yes, THE Maharishi of Beatles fame) along with many other inspirational spiritual teachers.

Peter’s deep-dive into the world of spirituality eventually led him on a journey that has taken him on an extensive exploration of consciousness, and, as is written in his Huffington Post bio, “His mission is to distill the essential wisdom on human consciousness found in the world’s various spiritual traditions, and to disseminate their teachings on self-liberation in contemporary and compelling ways.”

Peter is the author of 8 books including “From Science to God”, “The Consciousness Revolution”, “Waking Up in Time”, and “The Global Brain”. He’s the creator of the fascinating documentaries “The Global Brain” and “White Hole in Time”. He’s an inspiring speaker, empowering facilitator and he’s also a really kind human being.

In today’s interview, we discuss a vast array of important topics including:

• How to deal with despair given the state of the world in today’s times.
• Living consciously in an unconscious world.
• The 3-fold acceleration happening on the planet today. Are we leaning towards catastrophe or higher consciousness?
• And, what is essence?

I promise yet another hour of inspiration with a man who lives from the very core essence of his being. Enjoy!

Great chat about meditation with Peter Russell and Eckhart Tolle:


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