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Paula Pyne

UP #59: The Time is Ripe for Change and How Self Care is a Necessity with Paula Pyne

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” —Steve Jobs

I think we can all agree that today’s world is changing at an accelerated rate. This is not some new age fantasy, it is very real. We need only look at the results of our collective choices over the past 100+ years to witness the breakdown of what no longer works. Consumption, competition, conformity, fear, judgment, and selfish indifference have reaped ugly repercussions – climate change, dying oceans, superstorms, rampant obesity, anxiety, depression, and addiction for starters. Sadly, the list is endless and we are all paying dearly for what never should have occurred in the first place.

Today’s cultural “leaders” are the villians who have paved the way for this breakdown. Why we bought into it is anyone’s guess, but the bottom line is that the time is ripe for change. There are far too many pressing issues to transform and we need to remain focused on the present so that we can create a future more in line with what our souls desire. By fighting existing structures from within the box that created the problems in the first place, we go nowhere. This is exactly what we’ve seen for years. Frustration and burnout at worst, incremental progress at best.

Fortunately, there is a compassionate movement involving a higher level of consciousness that is sweeping the globe. The players involved are everyday people like you and me who are fed up with a society that is hell-bent on its own demise. As I write in The Status Quo Crusher Revolution: A Call to Arms for the Emergence of Humanity 2.0:

“The new paradigm being birthed is emerging as a leaderless movement inspired by a collective awakening that no longer tolerates the absence of truth. As the old ways break down, we are clearly able see the liars and frauds of the power-based structures for the hopelessly lost souls that they are. It is not our job to save them. It’s our job to save ourselves by returning to the essence of our authentic humanity – love, kindness, courage, compassion, joy, service, truth, and action.”

Today’s solutions for yesterday’s problems are no longer based on the limitations of the thinking mind. Instead, they are coming from the vast reservoir of creative possibility that live within the human heart. Our role in the emerging new world is not to fix what is broken, but to embrace who we’ve always been meant to be and to allow the infinite powerhouse within to lead the charge for an entirely new way of being.

I am blessed to speak with beautiful souls doing beautiful things to expedite this transformation. The deeper I delve into this work, the more I see the intricate web of co creation that we are all responsible for. From my vantage point as one who is committed to exposing truth and inspiring awakening, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s really happening. The only requirement is to buck status quo and return to essence. That’s it. With the soul leading the way, we become an unstoppable force for paradigm shifting transformation which allows the creative urge in the heart to “do its thing” to create a better world.

This week I speak with my dear friend Paula Pyne who has created a unique service where she blends her background in business with her passion for yoga in a way that unites work with well being. This is a beautiful example of the creative urge doing its thing to make for a better world.

As she states on her website:

Many of us know that the way we are living and working does not reflect the lives we want or how we were meant to be. Burnout rates, disability claims, lackluster leadership, turnover statistics, and marital problems attest to this. In the workplace, engagement and productivity are the victims.

The Uplift approach is a collaborative opportunity that integrates sound business principles with lifestyle strategies, mindfulness, and values integral to transformation. We help people to shine, to be brilliant with what they do best and then align that with their life, career path, entrepreneurial venture, or organization.

Paula works with entrepreneurs, organizations, businesses, government agencies, and she also offers workshops and restorative retreats to help women replenish their innate leadership strength. By working from the inside out, she is able to create real and lasting change. Her model is brilliant and one that is desperately needed in today’s changing world.

This week we discuss:

• The new business paradigm.
• The importance of quiet space for inspiration.
• Bringing creativity, innovation, and well being into the world of business.
• Integrating mindfulness, compassion, wisdom, and spirituality into work and life.
• When purpose aligns with truth, great things happen.
• How the body knows what to do best – which is to become whole.
• The great strength in softness.
• How we drain our life force when we don’t listen to our inner self.
• The importance of unplugging to recharge and reconnect to the true Self. Honoring the needs of the body through restoration.
• How we are all leaders and how it is our responsibility to lead in a way that is uniquely ours.
• The importance of like-minded community.
• The new emerging paradigm – how it looks is up to us.

Although Paula and I inspire transformation in our own unique ways, we both share a vision for a heart-centred world that is more in line with the essence of what it means to be a human being.

Enjoy the plethora of inspiration in today’s Unplug conversation!


Uplift Consulting, Paula’s website.
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• Find Paula on Facebook.

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