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A New Conversation About “Hope”

I recently had the honor and pleasure of speaking with Dean Walker for a new program he will be launching for his Deep Academy series called, Hope.

Sharing his own words about the content of this program, he says:

“This series is divided in three segments…

One is addressing the ambient, default (un) consciousness about our world including a clueless, disempowered notion of hope.

Two, is about the well meaning folks in the mid range, who are at least somewhat aware of what’s going on in our world, perhaps even engaged in activism, and still defining hope in a way very similar to the “before” section you describe so well in Beyond Hope.

The Third segment of the Hope series will be about hope reimagined and retooled to a high level of experience, presence, awareness and what I might call Grace.”

Dean also asked me to “speak about my experience of moving through these different layers in my own life, and a bit about the qualities of aliveness, awareness and core integrity in being that is present for having done the work that I have… and walked the path I have?”

While I initially thought that this conversation would be a segment for this special program alone, Dean decided to also release it for his Poetry of Predicament podcast. If you’re interested in listening to our conversation, enjoy the link below.

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