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Nelson Mandela

Looking into the Mirror of Courage: A Tribute to Nelson Mandela…and You!

This past weekend, the world said goodbye to an amazing man. A man who shone the light on darkness. A man who helped unite a country that teetered on the brink of racial violence by uniting white and black, oppressor and oppressed. A man who created a movement through the Divine force of love.

Nelson Mandela was a man who shifted consciousness through the overwhelming power of Truth and purpose in his heart. He was a man who lived from the very essence of his being.

He was a passionate freedom fighter whose legacy included imprisonment and isolation for 27 long years. For what? For reasons that threatened a dysfunctional system of belief that was destroying the souls of a desperate population in a country divided by the mere color of its skin. Nelson Mandela was “swept under the rug” for speaking out against horrific injustice. For acting on the deeper calling within – that inner Truth that guided him to do what was right. Mandela knew he was serving a larger purpose in jail and didn’t hold it against his oppressors. In fact, when asked how he felt about the captors who imprisoned him, he said, “If I hold resentment toward these people, I might as well still be in prison.” In the culture of today – one that is infected with the black plague of judgment, these words truly stand out. Why? Because this is who we all are at our core. Mandela’s words remind each and every one of us of our pure inner essence – our spirit.

Nelson Mandela will forever be a shining light in the world. Just like Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks. We all know of the massive global change that each of these individuals created simply by living authentically from the core Truth within. And here’s the kicker. Not one of these people were any different from you. The only thing separating their legacy from yours was the depth of connection they had to their spirits. Their purpose. Their calling. They lived with passion, purpose, joy, compassion, courage, authenticity, and faith as their guides. They lived from the very essence of their being. The one defining difference that each of us can shift with the flick of a switch in consciousness.

This is the power of choice.

You see, we can choose to disengage from life and become a victim to the social ills of the world and the stories in our heads, or we can change the stories by acting on the deeper calling in our hearts to better the world through the authentic expression of our soul’s purpose.

Every single one of us shares the same essential qualities within because THIS IS WHO WE ARE AT THE VERY CORE OF OUR BEING! (yes, I’m shouting…at the top of my lungs!)

We live in a time where humanity may easily be obliterated by our greed and selfishness. We’re teetering on the precipice and mother earth isn’t happy. That said, I still firmly believe in the power of the human heart – your heart. When you plug in to your own authentic essence – your purpose – you thrust the doors of your heart wide open to release your true self from the limiting shackles of fear. And the world is desperate for you! With free-will as your driver, you can be more, do more, love more, live more, and give more.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and not anywhere before that starting point. Nobody is served by playing small – yourself included. We all have our own unique life purpose that unites us in love and peace. Not all of us are destined for the recognition of Nelson Mandela or Ghandi but that should never stop any of us from following our calling. In the wise words of author and inspiring speaker Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, “Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do something. Anything.”

So, in loving memory of Nelson Mandela, let’s soak in the love, acceptance, and courage that he shone so boldly out into the world. Let’s absorb that into the core of our being and allow that Divine strength to open the floodgates of our collective hearts – and then, in the spirit of Nelson Mandela, let’s act on that Divine strength. Inspiration without action will never change the world. In fact, inspiration without action just keeps us trapped in the same selfish paradigm that is destroying the planet. We weren’t born to hate our lives. We weren’t born to live in fear and pain – emotional, physical, or spiritual. We were born to make a difference. Period! It’s time to connect to your life purpose and do what you were born to do to shift us out of the current paradigm of selfishness so that we can catapult as a conscious collective into the emerging paradigm of selflessness.

Remember, at your core YOU ARE LOVE. Be it, live it, do it!



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  1. This post is so moving…as in getting me moving. I need to read this one daily to stay focused on my purpose. Thank you for the call to courage, it has been heard!

  2. Namaste! The light in me sees the light in you!

    Thank you for writing, thank you for sharing.

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