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UP #77: Reclaiming Wholeness With Nancy Hanlon And Naomi Irons

UP #77: Reclaiming Wholeness with Nancy Hanlon and Naomi Irons

We’re born to the world as pure potential – expansive, innocent, untarnished. A blank slate; ready to learn what it means to be human. Without the awareness to fend for ourselves, the next several years are shaped by an external world of hand-me-down belief systems based on the notions of conformity, consumption, compliance, judgment, fear, and indifference. We’re adulterated by beliefs that isolate us from all that matters.

We’re taught to run with the pack, think like the herd, conform to cultural expectations, consume like there’s no tomorrow, and believe everything we’re told by those who perpetuate the status quo.

It’s been said that the indoctrination process is complete by the tender age of five. The unexamined belief systems of a culture in a trance so deeply installed that we become nothing more than the by-products of a consumptive machine. This is the cultural mindset that we’ve collectively normalized. This is status quo. Status quo is a ruthless predator that destroys our souls.

The blind acceptance of what we know in our hearts to be untrue has caused wanton violence, global oppression, rampant greed, rapacious consumption, runaway climate change, dying oceans, and widespread unhappiness.

As we move through life conditioned by parents, teachers, authority figures, religion, media, politics, and culture, our essence is squelched, fragmented, and compartmentalized. We’re taught to hear but not listen; speak but not act; think but not feel. We’re taught to conform, consume, comply. We label, we fear, we judge…we separate.

In a culture with deeply rooted systems that are hell bent on squashing our potential, our greatest life challenge is returning to who we authentically are.

But what if the return to wholeness is easy saying, “no more”? What if, by standing firmly in our truth, we’ve already returned home?

We’re inculcated to believe that life is complex; that we must search for, and create complicated solutions for simple problems. This ensures our demise as we spin around in circles aimlessly searching outside of ourselves for what is desperate to emerge from within. But what if by connecting to our bodies, feeling what is real, telling ourselves the truth, and the simple act of breathing, we’ve made the quantum leap of consciousness that leads us on the path to wholeness?

This week I speak with Naomi Irons and Nancy Hanlon, two powerful women who are passionate about awakening the giant from within each and every one of us. They are both Certified WEL-Systems® CODE Model Coaches™ with a hunger for ongoing expansion.

This week’s conversation is intimate, authentic, wise, and raw. We go deep.

Highlights of this week’s conversation include:

• What is wholeness?
• The systems that remove us from wholeness.
• How religion removes us from our sacredness.
• The organic state of slow that comes from authenticity.
• How higher order conversations change our lives.
• How culture has separated us from our deep inner truth.
• Redefining body intelligence.
• Integrating thought and body.
• How reclaiming the body is essential to wholeness.
• How asking bigger questions leads to a bigger life.
• How fear keeps a collective in check.
• The importance of trust and safety for returning to wholeness.
• How the awakening of sacredness awakens the depth of our caring.
• The importance of like-minded community in an altered world.

We are already whole. We need not search anymore. Instead, we need to stop long enough to be found.


• Naomi Irons website.
• Nancy Hanlon website.
• WEL-Systems website.
• Rural Consciousness Project website.

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