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UP #85: Calling Out Scarcity And Redefining Abundance With Nancy Hanlon

UP #85: Calling Out Scarcity and Redefining Abundance with Nancy Hanlon

“Life in abundance comes only through great love.” —Elbert Hubbard

Scarcity consciousness is a ubiquitous cultural belief that implies that we are not enough. It plays out in ways that wreak havoc with our psyche and our lives. We don’t have enough money, time, love, self-control, passion, happiness, or education. The list is endless. Scarcity consciousness is a pervasive mental illness that binds us to the illusion of lack.

Let’s face it, we live in a fear-based culture that perpetuates scarcity. We’re repeatedly told that we are less than we know ourselves to be. We aren’t taught that we are a force of nature: that we are the sun, the wind, the fire, and the water. That we are not separate from the power of the natural world, because we ARE the natural world. We’re not taught that we were born to make a difference in the world; that we are meant to create, live, laugh, and love. We’re not taught that our voices matter. Instead, we’re taught to conform, consume, and comply. We’re taught to play small and shrink. Yet every time we say yes to shrinkage, a piece of us dies, and a piece of the earth dies. This is the scarcity mindset of status quo.

Status quo preys on our deeply rooted insecurities and feeds the mindset of scarcity. Scarcity consciousness is a self-created invisible prison that prevents us from being who we authentically are. No amount of money, love, time, self-control, happiness, or education can release the grip of scarcity consciousness in a mind that believes it to be true.

Most of us are so deeply entrenched in scarcity consciousness that we’re completely oblivious to it’s poison. Scarcity’s pervasive tentacles wrap around us, suffocating the free expression of who we were born to be. Scarcity consciousness has many ways of confining us, but perhaps it’s deepest roots lies in security, safety, trust…and the taboo word known as money.

Scarcity consciousness plays out in fear, judgement, indifference, addiction, violence, war, anxiety, depression, burn-out…you get the picture. When we believe in lack (there’s not enough, or we’re not enough), we lash out in self-preservation. We abuse ourselves, we abuse others, we abuse the animals and the earth. Scarcity consciousness is devoid of soul. It’s empty, unsatisfied, unhappy, and unfulfilled. Scarcity consciousness is like trying to fill a sink with no plug. The emptiness remains despite how much water runs through.

As long as we look outside of ourselves for what we ache for inside, we will always feel lack.

This week, I dive into a powerful conversation with CODE Model coach and Nia Dance Instructor, Nancy Hanlon about the cultural brainwashing of scarcity and how we must reclaim our bodies and our authentic Selves to discover true and lasting abundance.

This week, we cover a lot of ground including:

  • What is scarcity and how does it play out in our minds and, more importantly, in our bodies.
  • How when we connect with our authentic truth, scarcity dissolves from our lives.
  • How the feeling of always needing more is a scarcity mindset based on fear and a disconnect from the true self.
  • How we can often tell the stories of what we don’t have with ease, but we struggle to speak about what we’re grateful for and why we get out of bed every morning.
  • How by living from the neck up and negating the wisdom of our bodies, we feed the monster of scarcity consciousness.
  • How scarcity consciousness plays out every time we don’t fully show up because we fear the reaction of others.
  • The importance of self-trust to dissolve the scarcity mindset.
  • How we must reclaim the wisdom of the body to connect to our inner abundance and resilience.
  • How our notion of scarcity is dependent on the context of how we live.

The biggest problem in today’s world has nothing to do with dwindling resources, it has everything to do with the unbridled sickness of separation that feeds the mindset of scarcity. We do not live in a world of “not enough”. We live in a world of endless possibility, love, and joy. We need only remember this simple truth.

Nancy Hanlon passionately speaks to the soul. She’s a dedicated activist for the accelerated evolution in consciousness who knows the power of the body to activate the abundance consciousness that leads us home. Brace yourself for a truly paradigm-altering conversation!


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  1. An AMAZING conversation! This conversation enabled a shift in the vibration of my BEING. A timely and deeply insightful exchange in redefining scarcity from the inside out. Mahalo to you both!

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