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I have no fancy letters beside my name, I’m no expert, world-class athlete, millionaire, or spiritual guru. I’m perfectly content declaring my human imperfections as I live as consciously as possible, dedicating my life to creating a kinder, more compassionate world. Most importantly, I’m a multi-passionate woman who lives life out loud, stumbling along the way with a promise to myself to always move toward the best version of who I was birthed to be. My heart leads me to places my head sometimes fears, but I’ve learned that the head was never meant to be in charge anyways. For me, this has been the key to an expansive life of authentic, heart-powered liberation.

Journey with me as I share some of the highlights that have shaped who I am today.

The Beginning

Intense dedication to physical activity combined with an innate connection to animals and the natural world have always been the primary drivers of my soul. For me, movement and nature are intricately intertwined and essential for a solid connection to my Self and to the web of life. Swimming, water polo, golf, skiing, basketball, sailing, and triathlon have been my chief sports of excellence. A consistently hard work ethic with heart-focused dedication toward my overall mind/body wellness has guided me towards some pretty decent results from very early on. Intuitively, I’ve always known that when I operate from a peak state of wellness, I’m at my best for all living beings.

With that same dedication—or, arguably, more so—is my commitment to animals and nature. At a young age I was known as the kid who cared. I cleaned local parks and neighborhoods returning home with bags of garbage carelessly tossed by others (and still do to this day). Injured birds, ground hogs, skunks, rabbits, porcupines, geese, rats, ducks, squirrels, turtles, mice, stray cats, and dogs are a few of the common species on my “saved” list. Nursing these beautiful beings back to health and returning them to the wild or finding loving homes (if they didn’t become permanent residents) has always filled my spirit with immense joy. Grassroots activism has always been an important staple in my life. I chose a vegetarian path at an early age and in 1999, I expanded my compassion by adopting a vegan lifestyle to honor my deep love for life.

Self Discovery

Three years of aimless University study led to one startling realization: that I needed to get out of town and go find myself. That’s exactly what I did.

A backpack and a heart full of passion were my constant companions throughout Britain and continental Europe for a year of inner revelation and the most priceless education of all: life. Language, art, culture, and geography were peppered with friendships, loneliness, tears, laughter, fear and courage—nothing to be found in any institutionalized classroom.

A year of continental enlightenment was followed by a 6 month stint of wanderlust in the Caribbean, crewing on sailboats and diving deeper into my soul—and the pristine turquoise waters of the Virgin Islands.

The heart spoke. I listened. Life was awesome.

Eventually I returned to “make something of my life” and graduated from College with a diploma in Design, Communications and Advertising. I made my mark in the world of graphic design. A perfect career for the creative maverick within.

Since then, I’ve done the corporate thing (slow death in a cubicle), studio gigs (a daily dose of deadline-fueled stress), and even gave the non-profit route a whirl (close, but no cigar). I loved the work but despised the 9-5 trap of working for someone else’s vision. I realized that a paycheck was a sellout of the soul and so I went off to start my own heart-led design and communications business. I chose my clients wisely, clients whose missions aligned with mine: to raise the collective consciousness and make a difference in the world. Together we spread the message of consciousness, compassion, and critical thinking in a world so desperately in need.

Fast forward more than a few years (and cross country moves). . .


The tragic death of my mother forced me to face the fragility of life head on. One fleeting moment and life as I once knew it came to a screeching halt. I was denied the chance to say goodbye. It was sudden. It was messy. It was complicated.

An all-consuming, grief-laden, emotional meltdown followed and I bottomed out—emotionally and spiritually. Reaching this paralyzing threshold in life made me realize that something needed to change. That something was me. I was jolted into the realization that life passes at lightening speed and our final breath may be the very next one. Spiritual awakening 101. I discovered that although I was living my life with integrity and purpose, my deepest core gifts to the world were seriously underutilized.

The completion of an Ironman triathlon drove me deeper into soulful exploration. The emptiness that I felt at the finish line confused me. The deeper layers of heartache buried under the distraction of Ironman training surfaced with an intensity that threw me into the abyss of grief. I withdrew into myself—searching for answers. Searching for more.

Out of death often comes new life. So I scaled back a successful 22 year design career, followed my inner guidance and studied NLP along with life and fitness coaching. I began to feel harmony in my mind both spiritually and emotionally.

Intensive experiential studies of the mind, consciousness, spirituality, yogic philosophy, and human Essence followed the grueling physical output of Ironman. Gifted spiritual teachers connected me to my Soul. Through these learning experiences, the emergence of an inner vitality and heightened joie-de-vivre guided me towards my true soul’s purpose. One that has been with me since birth. Live from the heart. Lead from the heart. And inspire others to do the same. So obvious and so natural that it was easy to overlook.

“If you learn from a loss you have not lost.”
—Austin O’Malley

Passion, Purpose, Activation

Sometimes we have to lose our selves through tragedy and heartache to embrace who we’ve always been at our core. Life is a precious gift and through death I discovered gratitude for every moment of this gift called life.

Death can be a wonderful motivator for living a simple, vibrant, totally authentic life. And as cultural, social and planetary collapse presses more intimately on every one of us, there is no time like the present to live fully now.

Ironman triathlon run
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Exploring a different way of being. Join in.

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