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UP #12: Living Intentionally And Inspiring Kindness With Mike Herzog

UP #12: Living Intentionally and Inspiring Kindness with Mike Herzog

Many people humdrum their way through life doing the same-old, same old day after day after day – engulfed by the spiritual amnesia that prevents them from remembering that they are unique creators gifted with a life that is meant to be lived with authentic expression, passion and purpose. These are the sleepwalking masses trapped in what we know as status-quo – yuck.

But every now and then (and more and more these days), I meet someone who gets it. Somebody who really gets life. Someone who takes charge and owns it. Someone who refuses to succumb to the “poor me”, “my life sucks” mentality that has poisoned the minds of so many. Someone who lives with intention, passion, presence, authenticity, and purpose. And someone who knows that every life and love-affirming choice they make has a ripple effect on the world.

Today’s guest is one of these people. He’s a guy who cares. A guy who truly gives a damn. He’s a guy with a heart so big I’m surprised he can keep it contained within his chest.

Today, I’m really excited to release a totally inspiring interview from one of the most passionate and kindest men I know.

Mike Herzog is the founder of Good Guys Tri, an Ottawa-based collective of like-minded athletes who are, as he states, “simply trying to do good in the world”. I can tell you this though, they don’t try. They do. Period.

Mike calls himself “just another regular guy”. He’s a dad, a husband, an employee, and a son. He’s also an Ironman triathlete, an endurance runner and a man who was born to make a difference. He believes that leaders are ordinary people making extra-ordinary efforts in the world. I couldn’t agree more.

Good Guys Tri was born out of frustration. Frustration that some of the charities that Mike had faithfully supported for many years were some of the worst culprits for irresponsible spending. Good Guys Tri was created to ensure that 100% of any funds or donations raised went straight to the actual causes.

Since its creation in 2011, Good Guys Tri has achieved exponential growth through numerous successful campaigns which include supporting the homeless, the hungry, the furry and 4-legged, as well as supporting local and global youth organizations such as impossible2possible.

Mike Herzog is proof positive that you can make your dream for a better world come true. All you need is a heart full of passion, the desire to make it happen and the courage to act on it.

In today’s Unplug interview, we discuss:

• How status-quo perpetuates the autopilot of mediocrity.
• How personal growth begins with passion.
• The pricelessness of a full spiritual cup.
• The importance of living an inspired life.
• The power of service (hint: there’s no such thing as a small contribution).
• The importance of surrounding yourself with people who inspire in order to stay on purpose.
• How expressing emotion leads you to authenticity.
• And how an intentional life is the key to happiness.

Enjoy another week of amazing inspiration with one of the kindest men I know, Mike Herzog.


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