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Sitting withe the dogs on the beach

Meet Deb

Deb Ozarko is (in no particular order) … an activist for the Soul, cultural revolutionary, status-quo crusher, unapologetic vegan, Ironman triathlon finisher, voracious truth seeker, radical critical thinker, wannabe dancer, and passionate lover of life.

Passion, presence, truth, purpose … life. This is why we’re here—in this one body at this time in history. We are meant to be alive, awake, wild, untamed, free and activated! Anything less is an existence, not a life.

As a passionate activist for animals, the Earth and accelerated Soul evolution, I’ve dedicated my life to ensuring that there are no wasted moments. This has taught me the delicate balance between being and doing.

My mission is to inspire simplicity, kindness, authentic expression, and meaning outside of the stifling confines of today’s dysfunctional, distracted … and less face it, insane cultural mindset. By shifting the paradigm from head to heart we can live a more passionate and compassionate life that excludes no living being.

In the end, all you really need to know is that I give a damn. About life. About love. About me. About you.

… oh ya, and I really love to dance.

Read more at My Story.

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