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Matt Noble

UP #63: Grassroots Compassion in Action with Matt Noble

I love meeting people who selflessly do beautiful things to inspire a better world.

This week’s Unplug podcast guest is one such person.

Matt Noble is a beautiful man with a massive heart. He’s the director of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank – a progressive food bank model that caters to compassion. The traditional food bank model has few veg options and tends to negate inclusive compassion. Not so with the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank which offers fresh, healthy, and compassionate food choices for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone actively transitioning to a more compassionate lifestyle.

Matt and I met a few years back. He’s a man who radiates kindness and hope. I’m grateful to have him in my circle of compassion and honored to bring this conversation to you about compassion, service, selflessness, and how this powerful combination of caring makes for a really awesome of life.

This week we chat about:

• The gradual unraveling of old beliefs to expand our worldview.
• How to be a compassionate activist.
• How being open to change is what creates change.
• The importance of like-minded community for nurturing transformation.
• Inspiring paradigm shifting conversation around food justice.
• How giving to others feeds the soul
• How global change is emerging from the grassroots level.
Matt Noble is proof positive that action from the heart is where its at for paradigm shifting transformation!


• Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank website.
• Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank on Facebook and on Twitter.
• Toronto Pig Save website.
• Overturning the Culture of Violence on Amazon.

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As always, thank you for listening and thank you for helping to co-create a better world!

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