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UP #62: Life Lessons Learned From Animals With Dr. Marlene Smith DVM

UP #62: Life Lessons Learned from Animals with Dr. Marlene Smith DVM

When I was young, I grew up reading James Herriot books. I couldn’t put them down. I dreamed of working as a veterinarian – saving the lives of animals and meeting interesting people along the way.

Things changed as I grew older. My affinity for math and science was…absent for lack of a better word. My sensitivity around animal research and euthanasia was intense, which made it clear that veterinary medicine would not be my calling in life.

As a long-time animal mom having rescued many wonderful souls along the way, I have always sought out the best for my furry kids. I grew up with the James Herriot mindset for all healing modalities. It made no difference whether it was for my animal companions, or for myself. I used to love going to our family doctor, dentist, or veterinarian. They were like family to me. The depth of caring went well beyond the call of duty. I was blessed. I thought this is how it would always be.

Sadly, things changed. The world became corporatized. Healing modalities became more competitive, selfish, and impersonal. Integrity went the way of the dinosaur and the heart to heart connection virtually disappeared. The seduction of today’s profit-focused world consumed many “health” care practitioners. In many cases, they became nothing more than legalized pill pushers preying on fear as they moved as many bodies as possible through their clinic doors. How did it ever get this way?

Fortunately, there’s a growing movement of people who are fed up with today’s corporatized health care system. This grassroots groundswell of people like you and I are seeking out alternatives that bring compassion, connection, and love back into the forefront of consciousness. The wisdom of those who are gifted with the knowledge and power to heal is being sought after like never before. Energy healing modalities are being integrated with the western medical model for a total whole body/mind/spirit approach to healing. The paradigm of wellness is shifting. Thank goodness is all I have to say with that.

I’m always grateful when I find wellness practitioners who choose wisdom, knowledge, integrity, and connection above all else. I’m particularly grateful when I find these practitioners for the animals in my life. The corporate veterinary system disappoints me more than any other “health” care modality. This corrupt model of “wellness” preys not only on those with no voice – our animals – it also preys on the tender emotions of those who love these animals. I am a very unhappy camper when I see what the veterinary world has become – especially since it has always been so close to my heart.

So let me just say that when I find the true healers who remain unscathed by the corporate veterinary model, I take notice.

This week I have the absolute honor of speaking with a woman who I deeply respect – for her wisdom, her extensive knowledge, her compassion, and, most importantly, her beautiful soul.

Dr. Marlene Smith is a healer in the true sense of the word. Graduating from State University in Utrecht, Holland, she went on to expand her veterinary knowledge with extensive studies in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, homotoxicology and veterinary chiropractic care. Not only is her foundation of knowledge expansive, so too is her heart.

There is so much I could write about this woman, but instead, I share a powerful conversation this week as Marlene and I speak about the life lessons we can learn from animals.

This week we explore such topics as:

• How the beauty of life is the journey, not the destination.
• Healing the world begins with healing ourselves.
• The waves of consciousness throughout our lives.
• The power of nature to reconnect us to love.
• What is D’aoist medicine and how does it differ from Western medicine?
• The difference between yin and yan.
• The phases of grief that we experience prior to death.
• What animals teach us about life and love.
• A powerful conversation about the sacredness of death and dying.
• The wisdom in grief.
• The healing power of gratitude.
• how acupuncture can help with “stuck” emotions.

I am so grateful for people like Marlene Smith in the world. I am deeply honored to share her beautiful light with you this week.

Enjoy this week’s powerful show!


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