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UP #58: Awakening: Creating A New World With Louise LeBrun

UP #58: Awakening: Creating a New World with Louise LeBrun

Last month I received an email titled “brain fart”. The sender was my mentor and wise friend, Louise LeBrun.

Confession: There’s something about the word “fart” that garners my immediate attention. The eight year old within still giggles every time I hear the word – or the actual sound. Needless to say, Louise hooked me with the subject line.

Since our powerful conversation in episode #36, I’ve been eager to have Louise back on the show. We finally set a date for early January – topic of conversation to be determined.

Louise’s brain fart was our answer.

Here’s a whiff of the inspired fart that literally blew me away (email excerpt):

“When we connect in early January for our conversation, it occurred to me that what is important to me as we move into 2015 is the enquiry:

What will it take to create a very different world?

With that enquiry, within, these three things came to mind:

  • Waking up! My awakened presence is MY responsibility and no one else’s. If I am not awake/present/conscious/aware/etc., I am in that deep cultural coma…and the spiral descends.
  • Staying awake! And there is no greater invitation to that than engaging fully with others. Each an aspect of my own consciousness, speaking to me that I might notice how else I might choose to live my life, today.
  • Awakening others! My world demands more and greater than only my Self- and yet, without my Self, there is no possibility.

I think there is much there to be fleshed out.”

Needless to say, I was very excited about this email, and I am very excited about the subsequent conversation that followed. Louise’s brain farts are positively explosive!

All joking aside, I will tell you this – there is no fluff to be found in this week’s conversation. We go deep. We go wide. We get real.

The time has arrived to claim the truth of who you are. No more excuses. 2015 is the year of being seen, heard, and felt. We’re at a pivotal time in the history of our existence and collectively we are desperate for a revolution in consciousness.

This week’s show is all about swallowing the red pill of truth to discuss:

  • Waking up – and staying awake.
  • Knowing the awakening.
  • The rage, fear, and terror emerging from today’s societal breakdown. How these feelings can be utilized in an empowering way.
  • The importance of self trust.
  • How we can only “do” as a reflection of who we are “being”.
  • What is authenticity?
  • How to connect to our authentic self every day…with one powerful question.
  • Replacing judgment with discovery.
  • Authenticity with grace.
  • How authentic conversations facilitate awakening.
  • How the more we feed our evolution, the hungrier we become.

Louise’s work has transformed my life. I have a deep respect for her body of work and I’m grateful to call her friend.

Get ready to expand your worldview because it’s time to wake up and become the powerhouse you know yourself to be!


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