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Losing Mind Finding Self

Losing Mind, Finding Self

Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.
Miyamoto Musashi.

NOTE: This is part three of a three-part blog series. Part one can be read at this link. Part two can be read at this link. I have also created a pdf file of the entire post which can be downnloaded at this link.


Thinking, Thinking and Still More Thinking

In its thousands of years of existence, species homo sapien sapiens has been incapable of evolving beyond the limitations of the conditioned intellect. In fact, human beings are so deeply steeped in logic, reason, linear, literal, and rational thought that little exists beyond the intellectual realm so devotedly worshipped. The consequence of this intellectual fixation is a Soul trapped in a frozen body, and a global collective of talking heads with tired, changeless stories. The blind normalization of numbing strategies (pharmaceuticals, alcohol, social media, drugs, gaming, porn, shopping, gambling, food, sex, excessive exercise, and so on) ensures the longevity of Soul disconnect, and the subsequent separation from Life. Disembodiment on a collective level makes for an unfeeling species capable of unfathomable brutality. And once again, we wonder why nothing ever changes.

While we live our lives pursuing life, liberty, and happiness “out there” as if it is a commodity, we’ve become slaves to our own desires, stories and cravings. But happiness—or more importantly, the peace that comes with inner acceptance—is not a thing that can be pursued or purchased like some cheap trinket. This is yet another illusion from the endless play of form. In Buddhism, samsara, or the endless cycle of suffering, is perpetuated by the incessant craving of pleasure and aversion to pain. Freud referred to this as the pleasure principle. As a result, everything we do is an attempt to create pleasure to sustain the comfort we think we want. And if we’re not thinking about ways to create pleasure, we’re thinking about ways to distance ourselves from the pain that could transform our lives. Our directive thinking about what we want or don’t want is destroying us.

We say we want change, yet we want stability at the same time. We’ve got one foot on the gas while unremittingly riding the brakes. Our thinking minds relentlessly drive us toward stability, security, and pacification of the senses at the expense of our connection to the spiral of life; and our intrinsic need for evolution, growth and change.

With morbid fascination we watch killings, tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfires, sex scandals, political corruption, and wars. We incessantly fill our minds by distracting ourselves with meaningless information. TV shows streaming from every conceivable device, video games, social media, texts, emails and so many other trivial things ensure we never look within. We allow ourselves to be mesmerized by the endless stream of new images, new information, and new ways to tantalize and pacify the senses. In times of quiet, inner reflection, our hearts may tell us there is more than our present reality; that we live in a world of hungry ghosts, endlessly craving and never satisfied.

We’ve created a maelstrom of data flying around the planet to facilitate more and more thinking. We wage wars against diseases, enemies and problems; inevitably making things worse with our inability to think in holistic and unifying ways. Since the dawn of the internet, never has there been so much thinking, and never has there been so much turmoil on the planet. We have an endless supply of ideas for how to “save” the world and fix problems that only exist because the mind created them; yet every time we think up a solution, we create significantly greater problems.

What good is all this thinking if it doesn’t lead to greater peace, connection and joy? Are we happier, more equanimous, and kinder as a result of all our thinking? Or does it isolate us and disconnect us from the deeper, more meaningful experience of Life? In a world that relentlessly pulls at us and distracts us from our Selves from the outside—filling us with more and more content under the guise of “truth”—we’ve become not only confused, but utterly lost to the Soul. As philosopher Ervin László once said, “(In our separation from nature and the cosmos), we have engaged in a kind of thinking that is an aberration of human nature, and more like the self-replicating cells of a cancer.”

We can continue to search outside of ourselves and feed the insatiable intellect with an ever increasing supply of information, data, statistics, opinions, reports, advice, facts, research, science, and so on, but it won’t change anything. If it were to change anything—especially in relation to planetary collapse—it would have happened several decades ago when much of this intellectual fodder was already available.

The conditioned intellect is a strange beast. It requires a steady supply of “food” to keep it going (in the form of information, facts, data, stats, research, etc), but it is incapable of doing anything beyond eating, and talking about what it eats—constantly. Incessantly. In essence, the human intellect is adept at distracting us from where where perpetually evolving truth lies: within.

The conditioned mind, which is obsessed with the external, material world is what prevents us from experiencing our inner, vibratory nature. Carl Jung said, “one who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakes.” By turning our consciousness within, our perception expands and we are finally able to see the illusion of our separateness. It is only then that we begin to experience our connection to all Life once again.

Losing Mind, Finding Self

While western culture focuses on exploring the external world using thought and analysis, other ancient cultures have developed equally sophisticated means for exploring inner space. It is the loss of connection to our inner world that has created imbalance on our planet. The ancient tenant, “know thyself”, has been replaced by mindless distraction and the hypnotic world of material form.

Whether we choose to remember or not, however, we are all living manifestations of a Greater Force. No matter how saintly or sadistic we may be, the Force of Creation lives within. When we choose to remember this truth, “reality” takes on an entirely different shape and our lives become richer in meaning. To paraphrase Louise LeBrun, “What if we remembered that we are immense and boundless in our potential? Because you and I are godforces. We are the living manifestation of the Force of Creation. We are Creators. That is what we are here for. We’re not here to hang out comatose on the fringes of reality. We are here to create reality. None of us had parents who taught us that, because they didn’t have parents who taught them that. The story that you and I have been told is the norm, is the aberration. There is much more occurring that is far more compelling than the story we’ve been told about who and what we are. Godforces cannot not manifest. We are manifesting all the time. When we manifest from a coma with our eyes closed, we are still manifesting. The question is, do you like what you are manifesting? Because you are creating it. And as you created it, you can change that creation in a nanosecond if you own that you created it.

There is great power in owning the Creation of our lives. Yes we live in a collective reality that is manifesting from a coma, but we still have the power of manifestation in our own lives. We are not victim to the choices of others unless we choose that to be part of our Creation. Because the dominant global collective is manifesting a lifeless reality from a comatose state, our time as a species on a habitable planet is quickly winding down. As Italian author, Paola Antonelli recently said, “We will become extinct; extinction is normal, it’s natural. We don’t have the power to stop our extinction from environmental breakdown, but we have the power to make it count and design ourselves a ‘beautiful ending’.” Paola is a wise woman. She is a wonderful example of the Force of Creation manifesting mindfully.

Lately, I’m noticing an increasing number of people allowing the awareness of near-term extinction into their realities. Many struggle with sustained states of grief, anger and despair; helplessly chanting the, “we are so fucked” anxiety mantra. Having moved through these emotions myself, I no longer focus on “we are so fucked” anymore. I already know this. It’s old news. I also don’t feed my intellect with the ever growing body of news, articles, videos, reports, podcasts, and blog posts that confirm how fucked we are. It doesn’t help me live my remaining days any better. In fact, it only distracts me from what matters most: compassion, integrity, connection, peace, and generosity of spirit. There is nothing intellectual about any of that. I’m at a place in my life where intellectual fodder is of little value to me anymore. My truth comes from the only place I trust: within. And so I now live my life accordingly.

You see, I’ve reached a place of acceptance and no longer feel the need to fight or resist what is. In reaching this place of acceptance, I can live out my remaining days with expanded consciousness and be so much more. In that, I feel a deeper connection to the sacredness of Life. Because I know that I am so much more in an infinite realm of energy—which can neither be created nor destroyed—I’m at peace.

My focus now is on living presently without relying on a future to motivate me. The brutality of this civilization is a given. Finding the joy regardless, is not. That is up to me.

In fact, that is up to every one of us.

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