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UP #54: Removing The Blinders And Learning To Feel With Liz Marshall

UP #54: Removing the Blinders and Learning to Feel with Liz Marshall

If you’re familiar with this show, you know that I don’t hide the fact that my heart and soul are connected with all life on this planet. As a result, despite the fact that I’m not a fan of labels, I have chosen to identify myself primarily with the vegan label should I ever be asked by someone who doesn’t understand otherwise. It’s just easier that way. Vegan means respect, unity, and interconnection with all life. To me it is the most loving choice that we human beings can make in a world that is filled with gratuitous violence, suffering and inexcusable cruelty.

For me, vegan is the essence of ahimsa – the Sanskrit word for non violence in thoughts, behaviours, and actions. I’m vegan for one reason only. Love. I love animals. I love the natural world. I love this planet. I love myself. And despite all our flaws, I love humanity because I know the potential that we all hold in our hearts to be so much better. This one choice – vegan – covers it all. It expresses love for all. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t without its imperfections. As long as we wear a human costume we’re not exempt from causing harm to others. But I believe that vegan is the choice that causes the least amount of harm in so many areas including what I’ve previously mentioned. Vegan is based on the essence of compassion and kindness. Vegan embraces love for all life.

This week’s podcast is a powerful conversation which embraces the essence of vegan/ahimsa – with a focus on our collective relationship to the ghosts in our machine. I’m referencing our relationship to animals as they exist within the confines of the destructive machine that we have normalized as a culture entranced by fear, indifference, and sameness.

Why do I bring these really important conversations to the forefront of our consciousness in this podcast? Because a lot of these conversations are conveniently ignored in today’s world in order to preserve the status quo and maintain a dysfunctional illusion of comfort. But here’s the deal. I believe in critical thought and critical thought is what exposes truth. I am a voracious truth seeker and I’m presupposing that because you’re reading this post or listening to this podcast that you are a truth seeker as well. When we seek truth, we’re also yearning to become better, more authentic, and more whole versions of ourselves as we expand into more of who we’ve always been meant to be.

I believe in the good of humanity – the light let’s call it. I believe that we can all strive to be so much better than what we’ve been conditioned to become in this ludicrous paradigm of separation. That’s why I bring these conversations to the forefront of our consciousness. I bring these conversations into the world to remind all those who are courageous enough to listen, that we are all better. There is always room for expansion and growth. That’s the beauty of our humanity. When we courageously approach our lives with this mindset – to become the greatest version of who we’ve always been meant to be in this short incarnation – we then live our calling. We live our purpose. We embody it. And our ultimate purpose is just that – to remember who we truly are and to shine that person into the world in a unique way that leaves it a better place. That is the purpose that we all share.

I believe that there are more and more conversations these days like the ones I bring to light as the collective consciousness appears to be waking up. There are more discussions about our treatment towards those we share the planet with. There have been so many great movies that have come out in the past few years that have contributed to this more expansive consciousness. I’m speaking about movies such as Blackfish, The Cove, and Cowspiracy. I’m also speaking of the powerful Canadian film created by someone who has become a dear, Liz Marshall who is the brilliant creator of the deeply moving film, The Ghosts in Our Machine.

The Ghosts in Our Machine is a powerful, thought provoking film that is beautifully documented in a way that is not difficult to watch. The films of the past were quite graphic in how they exposed the truth, but the films of today are more unifying in how they expose the truth. From a spiritual perspective, The Ghosts in Our Machine is a transformative movie that reminds us, on a soul level, of our interconnection with all beings on this planet.

Liz was recently visiting the Sunshine Coast to show the film and spend time with her family. It was during this time that we had the opportunity to get to know one another. In this week’s conversation we unite for a philosophical discussion about life, love, purpose, consciousness, and the accelerated movement towards a better world for animals and all living beings.

We also dive deep into topics such as:

  • How intricately intertwined passion and purpose are.
  • The importance of following your instinct.
  • The power of story for transforming hearts and minds.
  • We’re complicit in a flawed system and it’s up to us to change.
  • Each and every day we can make conscious choices about what matters to us.
  • Removing the collective blinders to expose the ghosts in our machine and inspire critical thought and caring.
  • How veganism expands our hearts and our worldview.
  • How when we get stuck in human exceptionalism, we are callous.
  • The importance of fostering stillness to connect to truth.

On December 10th, 11th, and 12th, you can watch The Ghosts in Our Machine online around the world at no charge. The only requirement is your participation in a short survey to determine how the film affects perceptions and behaviors regarding the treatment of animals. That’s it. Help out with the survey and the movie is free to enjoy.

I’m really excited to bring this conversation with Liz to the truth seekers of today. Enjoy!

The Ghosts in Our Machine Official Movie Trailer


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• Liz Marshall website.
The Ghosts in Our Machine on Facebook.
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