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Kindness is everywhere

Today’s world is one of increasing polarity.

Some days it just so easy to feel the dark side of the culture that we live in. Rampant violence, oppression, judgment, and worst of all, widespread, infectious indifference.

Despite the negativity in today’s world however, every now and then (and often more than we even know), an angel appears to remind us of the kindness within each and every one of us.

A couple of weeks ago, I was cycling home from an appointment when I noticed a male mallard duck lying in the grass among a plethora of seagulls, Canada Geese, and other ducks while cycling by a local waterfront park. Most people would never have given this fellow a second glance. But you see, I have this…“thing”…this very strong intuitive ability to feel when something just isn’t right. To the naked eye, everything looked fine. It wasn’t about how things appeared however. In fact, it rarely is when I get these feelings. It’s about an energy emitted that I’m tapped into on a very deep level.

We’re all vibrational beings. And it doesn’t matter what race, gender or species we are. Energy is something we all emit. For example, we feel the energy of nature as it soothes us. Animals when they make us smile. We can all feel when someone gives off good or bad vibes. Healthy or sick vibes. People can say one thing but, when the energy vibe doesn’t match the words, we know. And how do we know? Well, that’s what we call intuition folks. It’s when you know that you know without knowing how you know – and trusting it anyways. And how many times has your rational mind interfered only to cause regret in the end.

Trust the gut. It’s always right.

On this day, I knew there was a duck in need. I stopped my bike and gently made my way towards Mr. Mallard (M2 for short). The other birds lazily scattered but M2 stayed put. I lay my bike down on the grass about 5 feet from M2, sat down and slowed my breathing in order to not alarm him with too much human energy output. He didn’t move. He nibbled on the grass around his body and then found a particularly tasty section which required access through movement.

He slowly stood up and promptly fell over. Confirmed. The gut feeling was right yet again.

I have a 100% track record with intuition being bang on. But that doesn’t mean that I necessarily always follow it. The rational mind has buggered things up enough over the years to teach me to now know better. And the rational mind is crafty. It’s quick to follow an intuitive impulse with its logical reasoning in negating the higher wisdom of intuition.

But when we’re energetically connected to the physiological signals within our body, we can quickly tell the difference. Intuition has an energetic flow. Rationalization, on the other hand, has an energy that is often based out of fear – an energy that feels restrictive.

After many fumbles, I’ve learned to always stay with the flow.

His legs looked mangled. From what, I can’t be sure. Fishing line or other discarded fishing gear is my likely conclusion because I’ve just seen far too many injured water-born animals injured and destroyed in this manner.

I patiently observed. But I was worried.

I called my partner who, much to my luck was at home. “I’ve found an injured duck. Can you come with a blanket, a bag of crackers and cat carrier?”

After 13 years together, she’s very used to these calls. “Yep, I’ll be right there.”

I decided to see if I could get closer while I waited for her to arrive. I gently slid my butt across the grass and was able to sit within 2 feet of M2 before he started to look nervous.

So I backed off.

Fifteen minutes later, there she was. Blanket, cat carrier and crackers in hand.

We sat and quietly devised a strategy since we weren’t sure if M2 had the ability to fly. We decided to start by winning over his trust with some delectable treats. Organic, gluten-free, vegan crackers. Then we would corral him to the best of our ability, gently drape the blanket over him, place him in the cat carrier and transport him to the local bird-care centre. We had it all figured out ready for that particular outcome to occur.

Victory #1 – he loved the crackers!

We slowly moved in. He got nervous and started to run…and keel over…and then run again…and then keel over.

This wasn’t good. We paused so that he didn’t exert himself to death. We were trying to rescue him after all.

He lay down again and after a short reprieve, we gave it another try. We cornered him by a tree speaking gently and desperately trying to reassure him that we were only there to help.

And then he started to “fly”…barely. But he started flying towards the road so we stopped immediately so that he knew were were no longer a threat.

What he didn’t know though is that I don’t give up. Ever. I have incredible perseverance and I can also be very patient.

So we waited again.

And then he decided to fly off into the water. The flight was wobbly and the water landing was sketchy at best. But he was ok. So we sauntered over to the water, waited and watched.

While this was all going on, two young women arrived with a bag of food for the other birds. They were surrounded by hungry beaks eager to ingest their handouts.

Our focus was on M2 though. He eventually decided that he wanted to be a part of the feeding party that these two young women had initiated and hobbled his way onto land again. We slowly walked over to see how he fared.

As we got closer, we heard one young woman say to the other “look, there he is!” And then she looked right at us and with gentle eyes asked “are you here to help M2?”

“YES! You know him”?

“Yep, I’ve been watching and feeding him for the past week. We’ve tried to capture him to help him out but he’s smart – and scared. He’s looking so much better than he did a week ago though. Last week, it looked like there were internal organs coming out of him. This week, he can actually swim somewhat.”


I confess that sometimes I feel like I’m one of the few people left on the planet who cares to the extent that I do. I go to such incredible lengths to live intentionally and to make a difference because I care so deeply. It’s just who I am and I really believe that I’m not exceptional so I’m often still shocked by the overwhelming indifference that we live in with today’s cultural mindset. The entire time we tried to capture M2, many people walked and cycled by without interest – caught in their own world of separation.

I’m admittedly humbled by the Universe whenever I meet others who also care as deeply as I do. And then I sing mental songs of gratitude as my faith in the human heart is restored yet again.

When angels appear, they shine a light that is so bright, it can be blinding. And the light that shines from their hearts instantly connects to mine.

We introduced ourselves and instantly bonded with these two beautiful women.

Tina and Erica cared. Caring is light. Light shines from angels. And there was a beaming love ball of light around all of us.

We spoke at great length about M2 and listened to the various capture attempts that had been attempted to no avail. So rather than stress his injured body with the fear of capture, these beautiful women did the next best thing. They took on the loving responsibility of his daily care.

My heart was bursting with happiness, joy, gratitude and relief. We knew that he would be ok. I can’t say that I knew what “ok” looked like, but I can say that the tension in my body disappeared once I knew that there were others who had his back. When the other birds bullied him, these two amazing women shooed them away. Their dedication was so strong that I truly believe that his healing progress can be credited to their love.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity of a world of indifference but we must always remember, human angels do exist.

The final outcome for M2 is yet to be determined, but I’ll be there daily – watching, waiting, hoping. Hoping he’ll either heal on his own or trust that we’ll take him somewhere safe to heal without the ongoing worry of daily survival. He’s now got an angelic love ball covering him though. Little miracles happen every single day – and they show up continually in the presence – of presence.

This was yet another humbling experience for me to always remember that I’m not alone. None of us are ever alone. Good exists everywhere and it often shows up when we least expect it.

A wise yogini once told me that what we focus on grows. So the focus of this post is on the good in the world.

Ok, now I’ve shared one simple story of good in the world but I know that there are many more that we never hear about. Let’s collectively raise some good vibrations by sharing stories of good deeds on a polarized planet. Let it rip folks. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back. The world needs you!

Update to this post: A week later, we managed to capture M2 – now named Aiden after a young boy who was very concerned about his fate. We managed to gently capture him at a local canoe club to the cheering cries of a large group of teenagers who had been worried about him for many weeks. He is now in the loving care of the Ottawa Wild Bird Care Centre – an amazing local charity that does beautiful work rehabilitating birds in need. Aiden is in rough shape. But he’s now in a safe place where he can heal without the daily concern of survival. He’s malnourished, has a prolapsed rectum and a very bad infection in his foot which is now healing through antibiotics and solid nutrition. If he has any chance of healing properly, it’s in the care of the OWCC.

Below is a short video clip of Aiden just as we were about to bring him to the bird care centre.

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  1. I was recently given the greatest gift of kindness that it almost brings tears to my eyes. Thought I should share…

    I have a son, André, and he is the greatest source of joy in my life. André recently turned one and was supposed to start daycare. Papa was finishing his 3 month parental leave and I was getting ready for the “trauma” (I exaggerate only slightly) of giving my child over to a daycare. My husband and I had chosen a daycare centre carefully, were comfortable with it and ready to make the leap… but it turns out André wasn’t. Or perhaps I should say that the daycare centre wasn’t ready to take him because he doesn’t walk unassisted yet. There’s no development issue here, it’s very normal for some kids not to walk at one and André stands unassisted and “cruises” around using furniture for balance – but the daycare won’t take him until he walks. I was told 7 days before he was to start.

    As you can imagine, this was stressful. My husband and I have to work, our families can’t help us with full-time caregiving for a variety of reasons, and we likely only need care for a short period of time until this “walking thing” catches on and André can start at the daycare centre we’d so carefully chosen. So what does an anxious mother do? Well, first she sheds a few (illogical) tears. André thought the sight of me crying was hilarious… so that quickly ended my pity party. Then this mother put the shout out on Facebook.

    Then the angels appeared. In a city with very few childcare options, we had all kinds of “friends” trying to find us a spot. And we had one woman (I’m Catholic so I’m going to call her “Mother Teresa”) volunteer to take care of our baby for as long as we needed. Do you hear the chorus of angels?

    She’s a mother herself, whose kids are in school all day. She supply teaches but wanted a break. She didn’t want to set her own pay, hours, or demands. She just wanted to help. Seriously. We had a phone call where I explained we’d only need her for 3 days / week in September. I was nervous about asking her to reduce the number of days she’d work (and get paid!) and she literally said “Rachel, it’s fine. I’m not doing this because I need a job, I’m doing this because you need help.”

    It’s true. We need help. Mother Teresa just wants to give it to us. How often does that happen in today’s world?? Maybe more than I think, but I still find it incredible. She just wanted to help. She’s “just” going to give us 8 hours / day for as many days as we need, for as long as we need it. That’s not “just” help. To my family, that’s a miracle.

    Today was our first day and it is obvious that André and Mother Teresa are meant to be together. They’re kindred spirits. They like books, the outdoors, fruit and cuddles. I call it divine intervention… others may call it fate… but it is definitely a gesture of love and kindness.

    I have no idea how I’ll ever repay her for taking my baby and loving him while we can’t be there. I may focus on trying to pay it forward, or I may offer up prayers and positive energy but I’m going to find a way.

    1. Wow!!! This is a wonderful story of immense kindness. Thank you so much for sharing Rachel.

      Did you know that just by sharing this beautiful story, you’re already “paying it forward”? This is exactly what we all need to hear about, read about…know about. It’s the simple, random, “fateful” (or not), and beautiful acts of kindness like this that never reach our mainstream media outlets that restore our faith in one another in today’s polarized world. It’s also stories like these that reconnect us to the pure essential compassion and kindness that we all inherently are at the core of our being.

      May André and Mother Teresa share many wonderful moments of laughter and love together!

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