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UP #23: Soulful Activism To Heal Yourself And The World With Kimberly Carroll

UP #23: Soulful Activism to Heal Yourself and the World with Kimberly Carroll

Spring has unveiled her full glory here on the pacific northwest coast. The hummingbirds are buzzing around the freshly filled feeder. Cherry blossoms, daffodils and assorted other spring flowers have exploded with the magnificent colors of fresh new life. The sky is clear blue with the sun blazing rays of warm bliss on my receptive body as I spend longer hours outside enjoying the magnificence of this part of the world.

I love spring. It’s my favorite time of year. Even though I live in coastal British Columbia where mild winters are the norm, the longer days are still very much welcome.

On the topic of sunshine and new life, this week’s podcast guest is kind of like speaking with a ray of sunshine. Kimberly Carroll, aka, the Divine Redhead, is a Toronto-based body/mind/spirit coach, life architect, television personality, and passionate world citizen. She’s also a dedicated activist and, as she states on her website, she’s a fierce supporter of soul awakenings, the planet, social justice, creativity, human potential, and love. Her heart is deeply connected to the protection of animals. She’s also a passionate member of the Mercy for Animals Canada team where a recent undercover investigation into pig factory farming was covered by national news and inspired many Canadians to extend their circle of compassion towards farmed animals.

Today’s interview is power-packed. Kimberly and I are soul sisters – the two of us working in our own unique ways to unite personal development and spirituality with activism in order for people to live the best lives possible – lives rich with meaning for themselves and for the planet.

Today we dig into topics such as:

• Soulful activism: love, connection, and empowerment.
• Working through the shadow self to feed the love.
• Experiencing a personal revolution and taking that transformative energy into the world to create a lovalution.
• The beauty of experiencing the world through a unified lens.
• The powerful union of spirituality and activism to heal ourselves and the world.
• When you wade into the pain, the pain releases you.
• If we can’t fully experience the pain in life, we can’t fully experience the joy in life.
• The importance of cathartic work to release what doesn’t serve you.
• Experience first hand a guided “toxic fling”.

Kimberly is a beautiful soul with a little bit of raunch, a whole lotta joy, and an indescribable amount of love. Enjoy today’s inspiring interview with Kimberly Carroll.

Sage in Stilettos


How do you deal with the darkness in your life so that you can live a life of inspired purpose?


Kimberly Carroll’s website.
• Life Reboot Online Tele-program.
Divine Redhead website
Mercy for Animals Canada website.
• Kimberly on Twitter.
• Kimberly on Facebook.

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