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UP #15: Passion, Purpose, Truth, And Love For A Life Of Meaning With  Jenny Brown

UP #15: Passion, Purpose, Truth, and Love for a Life of Meaning with Jenny Brown

Shortly after Labor day each summer, the Toronto Vegetarian Association hosts the biggest food festival in North America at the beautiful Toronto Harbourfront. It’s truly a festival in every sense of the word. It’s upbeat, lively, and so much fun. There’s absolutely delicious food, talented musicians, inspiring speakers, exciting vendors, and for three glorious days, it invites thousands of people to explore a more compassionate way of life. For me, it’s a necessary staple to fill my spiritual cup with inspiration and hope for a kinder world.

This past year was no exception for fun and inspirational speakers. And one of those amazing speakers happens to be today’s guest.

Jenny Brown is the co-founder of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York state and she is also the author of the truly inspiring book, The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals.

My partner and I made a point of waking up very early on the morning that she was scheduled to speak and drove the 5 hours from Ottawa to Toronto where, after tackling traffic, construction, and parking issues, we arrived with only moments to spare.

As we were getting comfortable in our seats, Jenny took the stage. She sauntered out, stopped, paused and pulled up her right pant leg to show us her partial prosthetic leg. She then proceeded to tell us that two years after she started the sanctuary, the story of her leg (discussed in this interview) hit the New York Times which led to media calls from all over the world as well as calls from 4 literary agents begging for her to write a book.

Her response: “I had no idea that showing leg would get me this much attention for the sanctuary.” She continued by saying “If I could chop off another body part for the animals, I would.”

This is Jenny Brown. Fiery. Passionate. Sassy. Incredibly funny. And one of the most intensely heart-driven people I’ve met who is dedicated to transforming the way we relate to and love the forgotten ones. This is a woman who has absolutely nailed her life purpose.

In today’s interview we chat about:

• Jenny’s awakening to full-blown, all-inclusive compassion.
• The frightening reality of cultural conditioning regarding our treatment of animals.
• How Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is not only healing animals with broken spirits, it is also healing humanity.
• The corruption of the food system and how humanity has lost its way.
• The importance of knowing and telling the truth.
• Getting to know the truth about the egg industry.
• The reality of the unsustainable situation of separation on our planet today.
• The importance of humane education to teach critical thinking and truth.

Jenny is an activist in the purest sense of the word. She’s someone who has experienced the darkness first hand, and rather than wallow in despair, has turned it into rocket fuel for massive change in the world for animals and humanity. This is an inspiring and heart-opening interview with someone who has no fear of speaking the truths that must be told. Open your mind, open your heart and allow Truth to enter. Because it is the truth that will set us all free.

The Lucky Ones book trailer


Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary website.
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The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals book on Amazon.
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary on Facebook.
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary on Twitter.

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  1. I only discovered Jenny Brown last year on the Veganpalooza podcast…..fell in love with her…… I trip on you… heart is so heavy…..I put animals and dinner together in the late 70’s my journey has been long and lonely….so glad to have found you. Thank you Betsy

    1. Stay true to the love in your core Besty. You’re far from alone. The paradigm of separation from nature, animals, and one another is shifting. Sometimes it’s hard to see with the heightened violence and cruelty in the world but there are so many out there who are making a difference that collectively, we are co-creating the beautiful world that our hearts know is more than possible.

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