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UP #22: Living A Joyful Life Of Inspired Action With Jan Phillips

UP #22: Living a Joyful Life of inspired Action with Jan Phillips

“No matter what our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides.” —Jan Phillips

What does living a joyful life mean to you?

For me, a joyful life means simplicity, purpose, love, faith, creative expression, and connection. It means living a conscious existence while always seeking the light. A challenging task at times, but a worthy one nonetheless. It means knowing, in my heart, that the Universe is on my side and that everything that comes my way is exactly what is needed by my soul – despite any egoic hissy fits.

You see, we didn’t incarnate to have a miserable life experience. Quite the opposite. We were born to expand our sense of self so that we transcend the duality of the current paradigm in order to remember the unconditional love and joy at our core. The life challenges that sometimes knock us down were never meant to destroy us. They’re actually meant to make us better people as we move through layers of cultural conditioning that keep us small and separate. Believe it or not, there’s alot of joy to be found on the other side of a “crap sandwich”. As Michael Beckwith states, “A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul”.

Today’s Unplug podcast guest is a woman who exemplifies joy. Jan Phillips is a multi-passionate woman with a beautiful heart of gold. She’s a visionary thought leader, award-winning author, dynamic speaker and the co-founder and executive director of the Living Kindness Foundation. She’s also a former nun, an inspired activist, and an action-oriented woman who once devoted an entire year traveling the world on a one-person peace pilgrimage.

Jan is a deeply spiritual woman who graciously accepts the ways of the Universe – knowing, in her heart, that the light never stops shining despite the superficial reality of any present experience. It’s because of this deep inner knowing that she’s able to connect to joy with ease and grace.

As she states on her website:

Jan Phillips is an author, creator and workshop facilitator who ignites original thinking and inspires action. Her retreats and presentations are multi-media, multi-sensory events that connect the heart and brain. She uses images, music, poetry and storytelling to evoke deep, non-dualistic creative thinking and expression.

In today’s interview we chat about:

• How it’s inspiration not information that moves us forward in life.
• How it’s “against the rules” to do things in life that aren’t fun.
• We speak about her inspiring quote – “No matter how brilliant our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides.”
• The arts and story keep the heart involved and it’s the combination of these two that inspires us. How information just depresses us which keeps us locked in duality.
• The creativity myths that keep people infantilized.
• How faith is the spirituality that you create, and how creativity is your faith in running shoes.
• The power of self-inquiry.
• How hope is a container that holds the future until it becomes today.

Jan is a true status-quo crusher with a massive heart full of joy. There are so many incredible nuggets of wisdom in this interview, so please enjoy this very inspiring interview with Jan Phillips.

Evolutionary Leadership

Think of Yourself


What does living a joyful life mean to you?


Jan Phillips website.
Living Kindness Foundation website
• Jan on Facebook
• Jan on Twitter.
Tools for Transformation workshop May 23-38 at Hollyhock.
Find Your Spiritual Path workshop June 1-6 at the Omega Institute.

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