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Navigating a World in the Grip of Fear

I think we can all agree that, more than ever, we are living in unprecedented times. Between the pandemic of fear sweeping the globe and the surreal, disorienting nature of the moment-by-moment unfolding of shutdowns, layoffs, border closings, and the many other draconian measures being employed to “keep us safe”, things are not looking too good for the survival of business-as-usual. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing for the planet. We can already see how quickly Gaea is healing herself with the slowdown of our destructive ways. It is beautiful and deeply moving.

On the flip side of this, however, there is widespread anxiety about the future. From birth onward, our allegiance to industrial civilization is pretty well ensured. Every system—from our own families, to education, work, the economy, and so on—revolves around sustaining business-as-usual. It is all we are conditioned to know. Around the globe, our lives have been structured around its unwavering longevity. And now everything has changed. How do we navigate the suddenness of it all? Who do we become in the face of it all?

I was recently invited by Sam Mitchell of Collapse Chronicles to participate in a conversation for his special Coronavirus Chronicles series. While I certainly don’t have the “magic bullet” answers, I do share how I’m choosing to navigate these surreal times in my own unique way. I’m also discovering within myself, internal resources that are keeping me grounded and sane at a time when sanity is becoming increasingly challenging to find.

If you’re interested in listening in on our conversation, you can find it at this link, or simply click on the video image below. Just so you’re aware, there were audio issues at the beginning of the interview but they do clear up throughout. Even through the worst of it, however, the gist of the message is clear.

Here’s to staying sane!

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