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Esther The Wonderpig

UP #13: Transformed by a Pig with Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter

Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter were two regular guys with regular lives in a regular Canadian suburb.

In the blink of an eye however, all of that changed with one simple choice. A choice that they never could have predicted would so radically transform their lives – as well as the lives of tens of thousands of others along the way.

When they said “yes” to adopting Facebook internet sensation, Esther the Wonder Pig, everything they’d been taught to believe about animals and “food” in today’s culture was demolished. In one symbolic moment, they went from status-quo indifference to paradigm-busting passion.

This is the transformative power of choice.

Esther was “supposed” to be a “micro pig”. But her dad’s, as they say, were “duped” (ah, the creative ways of the Universe) and instead, they adopted a farm pig – an animal more commonly commoditized for industrial “food” production – a.k.a. bacon.

Since their transformative awakening, Esther has taught her dads compassion, love, patience, passion, and purpose. The two men have also fully surrendered their hearts and minds to a more conscious and mindful way of life. And, through the eyes of Esther, they’re now opening the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of her followers.

So often we humans fear change. Ironically though, all we are is change. That’s just the way the universe works – whether we embrace it or not. Steve and Derek have proven that when we surrender to the power of the heart, massive transformation can happen in a flash – especially when powered by a pig.

Today we chat about:

• The moment of awakening.
• How the truth really does set us free.
• The growing compassionate revolution.
• How Esther has taught her dads to be better people.
• Accidental activism.
• And how we don’t need to see the whole staircase to take one step forward.

These two beautiful men have created a completely unexpected compassionate revolution with absolutely no end in sight. They’ve shown how hungry the masses are for inspiring stories of personal transformation. It’s these stories that give us permission to delve within to reveal the truth in our own hearts. Through the innocent eyes of a culturally forgotten animal, the enormous potential for radical change is not only happening, it’s growing at breakneck speed.

In a recent Facebook post, Steve and Derek wrote:

“We noticed a few of you seem to think Esther is the luckiest pig in the world and that might be true but……we owe more to her then she’ll ever owe us. She changed our lives and opened our eyes. We are the lucky ones. Her story is a special one but lets remember that she’s just like the rest of these amazing animals that stay hidden and silent. She’s just like them, and they’re just like her – if we’d only give them a chance.”

When I recorded this interview last week, Esther’s Facebook page had almost reached 35,000 “Likes”. As of this blog post – only a week later, her page has already soared past the 53,000 “Likes” mark. Who knows where it will be by next week. All I know is that this is an especially concrete example of a collective awakening – an awakening that is truly expediting the shift from separation consciousness into unity consciousness.

The media has been flocking in droves. City TV, the Toronto Star, Italian television stations, Huffington Post, PETA, Mercy for Animals, Sam Simon, Good Morning America, blogs, podcasts, radio, print, web, television…this story is everywhere. People are starving for truth. They’re starving for love. And they’re starving for compassion.

This brings me to this powerful statement:

You are never more powerful than when you are aligned with your truth. When you stand in your truth, you ARE unshakeable!

Enjoy the transformative words of two incredible paradigm-busters (and a Wonder Pig) who have opened the floodgates to the heart energy of the masses!

Esther the Wonder Pig Hits 10,000 “Likes” video on Facebook!


Esther the Wonder Pig website (be sure to sign up for her list!)
Follow Esther the Wonder Pig on Facebook
Follow Esther the Wonder Pig on Twitter
YouTube comedy sketch video mentioned in interview (watch what happens when people realize that their “food” once had a face!)
Toronto Pig Save website

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  1. Love these guys and Esther! They have SO much love in their hearts.

    How things have changed since this podcast! Can’t wait to hear a follow up one. 🙂

  2. Steve, Derek and Deb~
    I just listened to your podcast with my two youngest sons. We all sat together and just listened…fully listened. Of course there were many pauses and questions during this podcast as they are only 9 and 4 BUT they GET it and they could feel Esther! They already have a new LOVE and RESPECT for Esther and this conversation will extend to Esther and beyond and I am so thankful and excited! Even as I type this…they are sitting with me and we are now going to literally google Esther and hopefully watch some youtube videos and they cannot wait to SEE more of Esther! She alone is changing our world and we are changing the conversation and connection we NOW have with ALL animals….thank you!

    1. Through tears of gratitude and happiness, there is only one word that comes to mind…


      Thank you ALL for opening up to a new conversation. xoxo

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