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UP #10: Living A Fully Authentic Life By Shifting From Head To Heart

UP #10: Living a Fully Authentic Life by Shifting from Head to Heart

First off, I want to wish you a very, very happy, joy-filled, and love-drenched 2014! May this year mark the entrance of an entirely new YOU! A you who brings peace into every day of your own life and, by default, into the world.

As we ease our way into a new year, this is a time when many of us reflect on the past with intentions to “do better”.

Flipping the page on a calendar to reveal the entrance of a new beginning has a symbolic meaning. Traditionally, it’s a time to set resolutions – which often go well for the first 6 weeks until they slowly morph into the “same old, same old” once again.

This year, rather than push forward with mental will to do better, why not fall back into love to BE better?

Love has lasting power. It comes from the heart. It’s infinite. It is who you are.

Willpower fizzles out. It comes from the head. It’s finite. It’s not who you are.

Unless you truly love who you are and what you’re doing, willpower will wane. When you love, will isn’t necessary. Period. It’s just that simple.

Most people “should” their way through life which is why “old habits die hard”. This is also why new year’s resolutions fail. When you combine who you are – love – with anything that you do, sticking with anything is never an issue. Ever. If you hate running, what are the odds that you’ll stick with it? Resentment eventually takes over. If you love dancing however, you will dance forever. Why? Because running is not who you are. It’s who you think you “should” be. Dancing on the other hand is who you are. It comes from your heart. It’s infused with love.

Today’s Unplug podcast is a special recording which addresses exactly this topic. Living from love. Living authentically – fully and completely with no holds barred.

The world needs you. YOU need you!

When you move from ego to essence, your life is forever altered and you remember…you remember the magnificence of who you are and who you’ve always been at the very core of your being. Life takes on an indescribable richness that empowers you to never settle for less than who you are AND for who you are yet to become.

Life is not a process of discovery. Life is a process of creation. You truly are the creator of your life, your experiences, and your reality. You are the Michelangelo, the Picasso, the Georgia O’Keeffe. When you give yourself the gift of the authentic you, you become the painter, the designer, the architect…the CREATOR!

In today’s Unplug podcast I discuss:

• What is essence?
• Who are you?
• What does it really mean to live authentically?
• Who do you want to be?
• Who is really holding you back.
• How you can change the world. (No kidding!)
• How to turn fear into faith.
• And how losing yourself is the key to finding yourself.

I want to thank you for sharing yourself with me in 2013. I’m deeply grateful for each and every one of you and I look forward to co-creating a powerful new year with you.

May 2014 reveal the full luminosity of your heart so that you shine with blinding brightness for all to see. Be the spark. Be the flame. Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Happy New Year!!!

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As always, thank you for listening and thank you for helping to co-create a better world!

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