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UP #72: Embracing The Healer Within With Dr. Radhika Rajagopal, DVM

UP #72: Embracing the Healer Within with Dr. Radhika Rajagopal, DVM

Dr. Radhika Rajagopal (Radica Raj) is a woman with a hunger for expansion. Inspired by the words of veterinarian/author James Herriot, Radica knew at an early age that she’d discovered her calling.

Growing up in India, her passion for helping animals led her to study veterinary medicine in Canada where she graduated with the traditional Western knowledge typically found in the veterinary clinics of today. After practicing for a few years, she found herself disillusioned with the routine procedures and lack of challenges found in a typical general practice.

She shook things up by embarking on a career transition that led her into veterinary emergency medicine and critical care. With the ongoing challenges and continual adrenalin rush, she was inspired to start her own emergency facility while living in the bustling metropolis of Toronto.

As the owner of two clinics (a general practice and the critical care clinic), she was pushed to work long hours and night shifts to accommodate the steady flow of animals in need. While this transition provided the challenges she craved, she became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of Western medicine to provide quality of life solutions for terminally ill patients and animals suffering from osteo-arthritis and paralysis. Frustration often precedes growth and it was this frustration that led Radica on yet another journey into the expansive world of holistic medicine. Radica’s life changed when she said yes to this path. She connected to the healer within and embraced the fullness of her calling.

She’s since completed her post-graduate diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Chi Institute in Florida. This fueled her hunger for more and she continues to expand her healing repertoire. She now offers chiropractic, prolotherapy, and platelet rich plasma therapy…and I suspect that there will be more to come. More importantly however, Radica leads with her heart. Her kindness and compassion are a breath of fresh air in a commoditized profession that often chooses profit over prevention. Radica cares. When I’m in her presence, I feel safe. But the bigger testament to her gift for healing is the ease displayed by the animals in her care. The love in her heart is palpable by all. There’s nothing more inspiring than being in the presence of someone who truly loves what they do – someone who is fulfilling a calling rather than just doing d job. This is Dr Radica Raj, integrative veterinarian, healer, and passionate lover of all life.

This week we discuss:

• The importance of creating safety for healthy relationships – regardless of species.
• The multi-sensory art of integrative medicine.
• The power of example to facilitate change.
• The exciting possibilities of prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma therapy for tissue repair.
• What are stem cells and why stem cell therapy is so exciting.
• How health care should be about prevention, support, and facilitating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
• The body’s innate capacity to heal itself.
• A frank discussion about the danger of vaccines and how they suppress the body’s innate intelligence.
• The importance of a natural diet for optimal health.
• Balancing diagnostics with intuition.
• Navigating burnout and knowing when to slow down.
• The power of belief to heal.

Dr. Radica Raj is creating a paradigm shift in veterinary medicine, not through exclusion, but by opening herself to the endless possibilities for healing body, mind, and soul. Enjoy this inspirational show.


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