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UP #21: Living Intuitively With Dominique Hurley

UP #21: Living Intuitively with Dominique Hurley

Intuition is a topic that is dear to my heart. It’s something I’ve always honored. The few occasions where I’ve slipped are moments of regret that are not easy to forget. Over the past few years intuition has become the trusted compass I use to navigate my way through life at all times. When the intellect is tamed, magic happens – especially when intuitive guidance makes no logical sense whatsoever. Living by feel has not only significantly simplified my life, it’s enhanced it in indescribable ways. I can completely understand why indigenous cultures who’ve not been swallowed whole by western civilization have such rich and happy lives. When we live by intuition rather than intellect, we no longer feel the need to search outside of ourselves for answers, which means a deeper connection to passion, purpose and authentic expression.

What is intuition? Well, simply put, its that sixth sense or gut feeling of knowing that you know without knowing how you know. It’s speaks through the body, not through the mind. It expresses itself through a physiological response that can often precede a wave of inspiration that arrives as a simple thought or insight. We feel goosebumps or chills with truth, recognition, and love. Danger will feel like anxiety in your body (not your mind). And negativity will give you the feeling of a heavy heart or knots in your stomach. There is no brain chatter attached to intuitive feelings. The mind is quiet – at least for a moment before the intellect kicks in to negate these feelings.

What’s important to note about intuition is that beneath all intuitive feelings is a sense of ease. An ease that signifies truth.

Because of the intellectually dominant ego-identified culture that we live in, most people in western society have learned to question intuitive guidance, negate it, or ignore it altogether. And this is why so many people live externally referenced lives of confused dissatisfaction. The truth of our lives comes from within. It’s quite tragic that this has been taught out of us in order to serve a culture of separation. Not only do we disconnect from ourselves when we negate our innate intuitive wisdom, we disconnect from everyone and everything. And this is why the world is in its present state.

When we live from intuitive wisdom, life is simple, rich, fulfilling, and meaningful. There’s no other option except to live authentically because there’s no longer any need to look externally for answers. And how beautiful is that?

Back in episode number 19, I had a wonderful interview with Jo-Anne Guimond about the radical power of gratitude. A few days after the interview, she sent me an email asking if I was looking for interviewee suggestions. I’m always thrilled to hear of others who are living simple lives of authentic purpose so of course I said yes. And the result is today’s awesome interview.

I’m sure there will be many listeners out there who will be able to relate to today’s podcast guest. Dominque Hurley is an artist in every sense of the word. On her website, she very clearly states that her life purpose is to explore and express her love of beauty and the beauty of love. And she does this through painting, photography, writing, teaching, traveling, and simple living. This is a woman who truly honors the fact that she’s a multi-passionate being.

She’s also someone who is very open about her introverted nature as well as how she’s learned to navigate the world as a sensitive, quiet individual with grace.

In today’s interview we chat about:

• How leading your life intuitively creates magic.
• Training yourself to reconnect to your intuitive guidance.
• How the Universe has always got your back.
• The only way to feel unconditionally loved is when people love us for who we are. And this can only happen if we show the world who we are.
• The courage to live authentically in a world of conformity.
• How we are the creators of every moment in our life – which makes every one of us a creative being.
• Being true to yourself.

If you have the tendency towards sensitive introversion (my hand is raised), then you’ll be able to really connect to Dominique’s words.

Enjoy this week’s wisdom with Dominque Hurley.


What is it that inspires you towards your purpose and what is the first step you can take to make it happen.


• Dominique’s website.
• The Real Love website.
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

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