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“When we raise our game aesthetically, we elevate it morally and spiritually as well.”


“Thanks to the design work of Deb Ozarko, our charity brought in several high-profile donors in a matter of days. Her work is breathtakingly intuitive and inspiring – the search for excellence ends with Deb!”

—DEBRA PROBERT, Executive Director, Vancouver Humane Society

In an image focused culture, your worth as an organization, business, individual, or foundation is judged by the image you portray. We judge a book by its cover and an organization by its promotional material.

Amateur design = amateur reputation = uncertainty.

Pro design = pro reputation = trust.

It’s that simple.

Pro design is about more than beautiful work however.

Pro design is about emotional connection. Pro design has heart.

“Deb Ozarko thoroughly designed two very extensive and highly visual documents for me. The work-flow and creative process was streamlined, creative, and remarkably enjoyable. The results are something I am very proud of and I will gladly hire her again. Deb nails it!”

—LIZ MARSHALL, Award-winning filmmaker and multi-platform director

In an era of speed, cheap, shortcuts, and hacks, I do things very differently. For me, design is not a commodity, it is the relational art of emotionally charged visual communication.

Since 1990 I’ve been creating effective design with heart. I excel at what I do because I love what I do. I tell it like it is so that you know exactly what you need. Why? Because, I care. I’m passionate for a better world. If you work with me, you are too. Your message is my message. This unites us in co-creative transformation.

My mission is the creation of a better world aligned with the heart of what it means to be truly human. I work with consciousness raising organizations, businesses and individuals whose missions align with mine.

For the past 30 years, I’ve worked with non-profits, tech companies, agencies, filmmakers, yoga studios, educators, health & wellness professionals, progressive-minded business owners, and hundreds of other clients to launch or refine their visual messages in ways that achieve great results.

“Deb Ozarko is my absolute “go to” graphic designer! She has an incredibly intuitive creative sense and always produces exactly what I need for my jobs. Deb ALWAYS delivers, even when I’ve given her exceptionally short timelines or called her in a panic. There is no need to look elsewhere – Deb is it!”

—KIM ELMSLIE, Communications Director, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

What I Don’t Do:

• Miss deadlines.
• Spotty communication.
• Confusing jargon.
• Cookie-cutter solutions.
• Web programming. (I collaborate with programmers so that you don’t have to. You maintain your sanity this way).
• Repair the mess created by the designer who vanished, or your uncle’s, brother’s, sister’s computer geek kid.

What I Do:

• Exceptional work.
• Exceptional service.
• Exceptional care.
• Exceptional results.

Peace of mind. End of story.

Whether your needs include reports, brochures, posters, banners, websites, and logos, or t-shirts, billboards, presentations, and booth graphics. I’ve done it all—and everything in between.

“From concept to completion, Deb creates great branding and design. It’s always a positive experience too!”

—LESLEY FOX, Executive Director, Fur Bearer Defenders

A Few Design Samples

(Please see my personal graphic design website for more information and samples)

“Deb Ozarko is our Creative Fairy – she makes our materials and presentations shine, seemingly effortlessly, and with her signature creativity and bright attitude. Even when we’re in a pinch, Deb is there to polish us up; adaptable, patient and joyful. She is an invaluable part of our extended team.”

—REBECCA BRIMLEY, International Fund for Animal Welfare

Let’s Connect.

Your time is valuable and so is mine, so if you’re ready to turn pro, let’s connect and transform this world together!

Exploring a different way of being. Join in.

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