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UP #45: From Homicide Detective To Vegan Powerhouse: Burgers Are More Deadly Than Bullets With Deb Gleason

UP #45: From Homicide Detective to Vegan Powerhouse: Burgers are More Deadly than Bullets with Deb Gleason

Heart disease is the number one killer in the Western world. With all of the war and violence in today’s world, one would expect the number one killer to be linked to this stark reality. Instead, it’s directly related to the war we wage on ourselves through the beliefs we accept as true combined with the violence we inflict on others through the “foods” we choose for our plates.

I find it ironic that the heart – the place of spiritual unity, interconnection and love – is what fails us when we feed our bodies from the culturally conditioned mindset of separation. The heart is the spiritual center of unity. When we’re aligned with our deepest core values of compassion, we remember our connection with all life on planet Earth. We honor the place within ourselves that wishes no harm on anyone or anything. We are congruent with the truth of who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience.

When we support “the Matrix” with our choices and beliefs, we support the paradigm of separation. We short-circuit our core spiritual connection to everyone – including ourselves. We make choices that cause harm. We choose hand-me-down beliefs. We willfully ignore. We shut down our hearts. We forget who we truly are and believe that we are bodies meant to eat bodies.

Is it any wonder that heart disease is rampant in the paradigm of separation?

From a purely physical perspective, cholesterol is the well known culprit. Found only in animal-based foods, it’s blatantly obvious that we aren’t bodies meant to eat bodies, instead, we’ve been taught to eat bodies to our own detriment – and to the detriment of the entire planet. The voracious consumption of animal body parts and secretions is directly responsible for exorbitant animal suffering, climate change, world hunger, and total preventable maladies such as obesity, type-2 diabetes, cancers, strokes, and…heart disease.

Indeed, burgers are far more deadly than bullets.

This weeks Unplug podcast guest knows a thing or two about burgers and bullets. Deb Gleason is a former homicide detective turned vegan lifestyle coach with a mission to heal the world by empowering the masses to wake up to their inherent compassion for themselves and for all. She does this through delicious and nourishing food – from plants – the most powerful source of life. Deb also happens to be my wonderful life partner and I’m thrilled to share her meandering path towards purpose with everyone listening this week.

This week we discuss:

• How the truth sets you free – even when it hurts
• The vegan shift to authenticity.
• Putting passion into action for paradigm shifting transformation.
• When we align with our deepest core values, we become more whole.
• The transformative power of purpose.
• You’re vegan – the “where do you get your protein” myth.
• How critical thinking stops fear in its tracks.
• The world needs leaders with their lights turned on.
• Gluten-free – the latest cultural phobia.
• Eating from love, not fear.
• Every dollar is a vote. We continually vote for the kind of world we wish to see.
• How the fork can be the greatest weapon of mass destruction or a beautiful instrument of peace.

Deb Gleason is not only a paradigm shifting world changer with the work she does through her coaching, she’s also the compassionate heart behind the uber successful “Esther’s Kitchen” Facebook page – an offshoot of the wildly popular viral Facebook sensation known as Esther the Wonderpig.

Deb Gleason is passionate, compassionate, and driven with a deep desire to make the world a better place for all living beings. This is an inspiring interview – and one of many more to come.

I’m really excited to introduce my amazing life partner to you where she shares how burgers are more deadly than bullets.


How are you choosing to eat from love – for yourself and for the planet? And just to nudge you further, how can you do better?


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• Baby seal rescue story on the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary website. CHECK IT OUT!
• Deb Gleason on Facebook.
• Deb Gleason on Twitter.

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