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Creative Grafitti

Stop Fooling Yourself. You are Creative.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” —Albert Einstein

You were born to create. You are creation itself — a sperm and an egg united to miraculously create…you. Think about that for a moment. A microscopic sperm and a tiny little egg…merged to become flesh and bone, heart and mind, body and soul. Is that not a marvelous act of creation?

With that in mind, why is it that so many people negate their creativity? Why do so many chant the “I’m not creative” mantra? You see, just by virtue of being alive, you are creative. Life is the ultimate expression of creativity.

A giant oak begins as a tiny seed. A raging flood begins with a single raindrop. A new technology begins with a single thought.

We are creative beings. To believe otherwise is erroneous and a disservice to the soul.

Creativity is the marriage of mind with heart. It is the embodied alchemy of spirit and inspiration expressed through flesh. Creativity is life-force in action.

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. Expressing our creativity is our gift back to God”, states Julia Cameron, author of the bestselling book, The Artist’s Way. Creativity and spirituality are essentially one in the same. Creativity feeds the soul…because it comes from the soul.

Throughout history, every cultural tradition links creativity with spirituality. Dancing, singing, music, poetry, writing, and painting are common avenues for creative expression. Creativity appears in our humor, our play, and our story-telling. It aids us in times of need, helps with our relation to others, and inspires innovative solutions for the problems of today’s world. Creativity is at the core of our being.

We live in a cultural paradigm where our capacity for creative expression is thwarted by an endless barrage of distraction. The ceaseless busyness of our minds encourages the disconnection from our life-force. We’ve become mindless consumers rather than engaged creators. As a result, everything about our cultural narrative cultivates busyness. Our fear of slowing down prevents us from contemplating the things that really matter. The endless stream of media sensationalizing the minutia of the world’s pain leaves us feeling paralyzed rather than empowering us to act. Yet we live in a time that is desperate for creative visionaries with progressive ideas to transform a world gone amiss.

In a culture that worships the frenzied pace of “doing”, our imaginations are dulled into passivity. The disease of “busy” is destroying our overall wellbeing. It is depleting our ability to think critically, act compassionately, and express creatively. We must remember: we are human beings, not human doings.

Life is a delicate balance between being and doing. Creativity is prompted through our being and implemented through our doing. It is this synergistic relationship that leads towards our greatest authentic expression.

Albert Einstein once said that, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Our imaginations are fundamental for personal and global transformation. Imagination is the driving force behind creativity. It allows us to see possibilities where none once existed. It inspires, uplifts, and empowers. Imagination expands our hearts and opens our minds.

When we flow with the creative process, our mind relaxes, intuition awakens, and we shift ourselves out of “doing” consciousness. Creativity is transcendent in nature. It moves us beyond our small sense of self and connects us with our expansive authentic self.
Within each of us lives a creative seed for transformation – for ourselves and for the world. Ultimately, the greatest creative act is how we choose to live our daily lives. We have within us everything we need to live more consciously, claim our truth, and live our purpose. Creativity expands our consciousness and allows us to see the world through more loving eyes. This is how we change the world. We need only say yes to the creator within.


  1. Stop thinking, start feeling. Creativity emerges from a calm mind and an activated heart.
  2. Cultivate curiosity. Curiosity is the breadcrumb trail that leads to passion. Passion is love on fire.
  3. Challenge the status quo. When everyone zigs…zag!
  4. Connect deeply with nature. A repetitive theme on this blog for good reason. Nature is the ultimate creative force.
  5. “Be” as much as you “do”. The muse speaks loudest in silence.
  6. Inspiration doesn’t come from you, it comes to you. The muse emerges when she’s not coerced. Breathe. Allow. Trust. Believe.
  7. Creative expression is perfectly imperfect. We block the muse when we seek perfection. Allow her to show you the way. Breathe. Allow. Trust. Believe. (Trust me on this).
  8. There is no such thing as an original idea. Every idea is inspired by another act of creation — snippets of a passing conversation, a passage in a book, the sun shining through dew-stained leaves. Lose the hubristic belief that creativity must be original and accept that your unique worldview — your expressive take on life, is exactly what the world needs.
  9. Allow the pain of your deepest heartbreak. Often, our greatest creative expression comes from what hurts us most. When we dive into the abyss, we merge with the muse, inspire healing, and unleash a radical force for creation.
  10. Accept fear and frustration as part of the process. Just do it anyways and Breathe. Allow. Trust. Believe.
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