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UP #47: Waking Up To An Inconvenient Truth With Kip Andersen And Keegan Kuhn

UP #47: Waking Up to an Inconvenient Truth with Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn

Fourteen years ago I wrote an article titled You Think You Can Be a Meat Eating Environmentalist? which was published in the Peace and Environment News in Ottawa, Canada. There were many obvious signs that the world was heading in a dangerous direction due to our culinary choices. Since then, the global situation has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Climate change is no longer a possibility, it’s a reality. Droughts, mega-storms, tsunami’s, floods, and extreme weather patterns are now commonplace (which wasn’t the case when I wrote the article all those years ago). The planet is currently experiencing the largest mass extinction of life as species disappear at unprecedented rates. The world population has exploded with an increasing number of minds corrupted by the paradigm of separation – a situation that bodes well for no living being on this planet. We’ve crossed the tipping point and what the future holds is anyone’s guess.

…and does anyone really care? It seems the masses would rather their “Five Steps to 6-pack abs”, “Four-minute workouts”, and “How to Become Enlightened in less than 30 days” life hacks than take action that creates meaningful change. As a collective, we prefer to judge the celebrity-de-jour (read: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and others of their ilk) without ever looking at how wrong we’ve been in our own lives. Most people would rather numb out than feel. Our conversations have become as useful as an overflowing toilet. And we’ve forgotten our interconnection with the most precious gift of all – life.

Indeed, the situation has worsened since writing that article. Yet at the same time, there’s a palpable shift as many wake up to Truth. As the old paradigm of separation accelerates towards its own demise, there’s a growing number of citizens rubbing the sleep from their eyes as they shake off the trance that has caused so much harm. Many people are fed up, as complacence is replaced with passion, purpose, and a deep inner drive to create solutions that are far removed from the box that created the problems in the first place.

With the way of the world today, the more connected we are to Truth, the better off we will be in the uncertain times emerging. Community, collaboration, compassion, and co-creation are the foundational components of the “4-C quadrant” required for the birth of a new paradigm. Those who embrace the new way today are the solutionaries responsible for the accelerated birth of an entirely new world. By transforming Truth into action, we turn our back on the old and breathe life into the new.

It takes a certain kind of person to care about more than just themselves in today’s world. And even that’s questionable with the way most people neglect the most basic need of all – their own health. But those who still care are those who have not lost contact with the essential nature of who they’ve always been – the Universal connection to something greater that lives within every one of us.

Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn are the caring and passionate co-creators of the game-changing movie Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, a movie that exposes the most inconvenient of truths – the devastating consequences of our dietary choices on the fragile life support system we call home. A truth that is denied us at birth from cultural programming gone wrong.

The movie begins with a simple question: Why are the world’s leading environmental organizations too fearful to speak out about the most destructive industry facing the planet today? As we follow the investigative journey of Kip Andersen and his persistent attempts to uncover truth, we’re also witness to the evolution of personal transformation. This movie shows the evolution of awakening and the purpose-driven mission that follows as Kip comes fully alive. It’s a beautiful story of transformation with an ending that clearly shows how community, collaboration, compassion, and co-creation inspires faith for an entirely new world.

This week we cover topics such as:

• The truth about animal agriculture.
• How you either live for something or die for nothing.
• How the planet is currently in the largest mass extinction ever experienced.
• The truth about grass-fed beef.
• How humanity has morphed into the greatest super predator ever created.
• The shocking truth about the state of our oceans.
• How we’re now moving into the Golden Age.
• How human beings are like caterpillars.
• How the disconnect from the inner child is the cause of our disconnect from the world.
• How culture desensitizes us from violence.
• How deep the disconnect is when we can’t see the violence inherent in the foods we eat.
• We need to follow our hearts and not our palette.

Today’s Unplug podcast is an exciting journey into the transformational power of Truth as a launching point towards a new way of being. It’s people like Kip and Keegan who are the creators of an entirely new paradigm based on compassion, love, interconnection and action.

I am so grateful to Kip and Keegan for making this movie and I’m delighted to share this awesome interview from two men who are deeply committed to truth and transformation. Be prepared to be inspired.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainable Secret (Official Trailer)


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  1. I want to let you know what I learned as you suggested in your podcast (although I am not officially entering the contest). The thing that stood out the most for me was that Kip and Keegan went prepared with questions when they did their interviews but they just let the direction of the movie unfold on its own. Giving it the power to be what it was meant to be without too much human intellect interference. I love that. I find that to be a great model for living an authentic life.

    1. Totally agreed. They knew that the initial vision was so much greater and they let their hearts lead the way. A definite recipe for true success!

  2. I love all of Deb’s podcasts and this one is no exception. I am excited to see this film even knowing so much about the issues facing the environment and animals. I would also love to share it with all my friends. Despite how much awareness I have on these issues, I did not know that farmed pigs’ feed included ocean animals. That was shocking to read.
    Thanks Deb for bringing the truth to our ears through using your positive spirit. You are an inspiration and really helping to form a community of people who want to live a different way.

  3. I already knew that it took more resources to raise animals than to grow crops, but I guess I just didn’t know the impact of just one hamburger. Now I grokk how being vegan is not just a personal choice, it is a way of life that needs to spread in order for the human race to have a future, especially if our population will be growing. I’m already vegan, but now I’m even more aware of and appreciative of my access to clean water. I’ve since installed a simple grey-water system in my apartment just so I’m using resources to the best that I can.

    I will also be keeping in touch with my brother, who is an avid hunter and animal eater, and keep a discussion open with him about how his dietary choices will effect the world his newborn son will be inheriting from our generation.

  4. As cliched as it is: I learned that, though the odds are stacked against you (i.e. the ignorance and denial pervading nearly every powerful and influential “environmentalist” group), they crumble in the face of undeniable truth. Kip and Keegan may only be two people, but their message is worth seven billion (and every other life form on this planet). A powerful message of such magnitude is unstoppable.

    Thanks for this (and every) amazing podcast, Deb!

    iTunes handle:

    1. Thank you for sharing Richard. Most importantly – thank you for caring! There’s nothing more powerful than truth – always.

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