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The Blight of the Conditioned Mind

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them
—Albert Einstein.

NOTE: This is part two of a three-part blog series. Part one can be read at this link. Part three can be read at this link. I have also created a pdf file of the entire post which can be downnloaded at this link.


The Same Old, Same Old

In a recent blog post, Louise LeBrun wrote, “For several generations, we have more and more been convinced that we must rely on our intellects to solve our problems. We have surrendered the truth of our personal experiences to the so-called wisdom of the collective believing that in doing so, our needs would be better served. From this approach has come, I believe, the creation of a collective incapable of internal referencing and mindlessly compliant to sets of external directives from the forces that mold and shape who we become (i.e. parenting, education, work, etc.)

We have trained ourselves to look outside of ourselves for guidance and direction; for answers and the ‘right’ questions, in the hope that somebody, somewhere, would lead us out of the state of decline in which we find ourselves. And here we sit … not just pondering our future but wondering if we will have a future to ponder!

As the world keeps turning, the masses keep doing the same old crap over and over again. Wealthy white dudes raping the planet. The mass collective sleepwalking through their meaningless, consumptive, planetary-rape-supporting lives. Women suppressing their centuries-old rage to sustain their objectified status within the patriarchal status quo; and anger and grief-filled activists fighting a valiant, yet pitiful losing battle against it all.

It isn’t working.

There have always been more humans bred to the paradigm of separation than humans who care to remember their interconnectivity. The repercussions of this unconscious global identity are now unstoppable. The cultural coma is just too deep and collectively we are being swallowed by it. All this while ecosystems are collapsing at alarming rates, and the spiral of life is unraveling before our very eyes. We’ve fallen over the edge of the cliff with no wings and no interest in learning to fly anyway. It’s too late. When do we focus our attention on who and what we are in the face of all of this, rather than what to do about it in a world that doesn’t give a damn?

We can fragment and compartmentalize our problems by blaming excessive carbon, fossil fuels, methane, overpopulation, Trump, capitalism, or even climate change; but these are merely tiny outcomes of a much greater problem. Every problem on the planet today is a direct manifestation of our collective separation from Life and the intellectual reasoning that holds it in place. We can delude ourselves into believing we can solve any single one of these problems and they will all disappear, but the irony is, there is no solution for any of these problems because they are all connected to our collective disconnect. The solution has always been up to every one of us individually. Our own personal evolution/reclamation of Self has always been the only way to resolve our separation and heal the world.

In his book, The Yoga of Eating, Charles Eisenstein writes, “No genuine healing of society or the planet is possible without a concomitant transformation on the individual level. Even if the planetary environment were miraculously restored, in the absence of spiritual transformation we would just go about ruining it again. Our poisoned world is a reflection of our poisonous thoughts and feelings. You can’t build a house on a rotten foundation, and our minds are the foundation of our common world. Yes, we must address the crisis of the earth, but at the same time, we must also address the source of that crisis in ourselves.

The same goes for social change: if, say, a utopian socialist state were imposed without eliminating the roots of greed and competitiveness in each one of us, the old injustices would quickly reappear. In fact, one could argue that all such attempts have failed precisely because a social revolution cannot revolutionize the deepest reaches of the human heart; that the urge to power, to domination, to profit can only be cleansed from the inside out.

In a recent conversation with my wise friend, Louise LeBrun, she said it even more succinctly, “It has always seemed bizarre to me that ‘people’ cannot see ‘hope’ in claiming the ugly parts of who we are. Those orphans of our Wholeness are (to me) what’s missing in order for us to create differently. They make up a hidden ‘thumb on the scale’ of our creations that leave us puzzled by our own self-sabotage.

Mindlessness can be so obtuse.

Personally, I maintain my faith in the goodness of the individual, but I have none whatsoever in the collective. Quite frankly, I find the majority of humans to be immensely depressing. Lacking any desire to know one’s Self beyond the “mortal meatbag” makes for a mundane, fearful, selfish, and empty species unworthy of perpetuity.

The relationship between being conscious, awake (and staying awake) and present; and being able to choose intelligently for ourselves rather than being caught in the coma of habituation, is paradigm altering. I can count on one hand the few I’ve met who are committed to freeing themselves from the coma of habituation in a sustained manner, however. It is a never-ending journey with no final destination that appeals to few. But without our willingness to know our Selves beyond the coma of habituation, eventually we disappear.

The Blight of the Conditioned Mind

Many are now speaking out about the peril of widespread denial and the peddling of optimistic messaging in a world that needs our awakened attention. Indeed this is problematic and only adds to the ever-growing laundry list of worthless distractions in the world. Of course, there is also rampant availability what I now call, “the delusional disclaimer” (with today’s most vocal poster boy for just that, David Wallace-Wells). You know how it goes, “…We’re at the point of no return/we’re fucked/we’re heading towards annihilation, blah, blah, blah; BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE if we can stop emissions/stop polluting/stop using plastic/stop eating/stop breeding/stop breathing/stop this/stop that, blah, blah, blah.” Delusion is the absurd notion that 7.7 billion human beings (and growing exponentially) are capable of stopping anything other than what is familiar and comfortable. Let’s get real here folks.

One thing that few are willing to entertain is the concept of extinction and how the human species is not exempt from this imminent probability. The conditioned human mind is adept at convincing itself of its omnipotence, even in the face of total biosphere collapse. It treats extinction as an abstract concept that happens “out there”; a faraway notion that occurs only to other species not of the human distinction.

We may “think” we are part of the spiral of Life, but it was never thinking that connected us to the spiral of Life. We’ve always been connected. In fact, thinking is what traps us in the illusion of separateness and the confines of our culturally conditioned identities. Thinking is the creation of separateness and the experience of scarcity, fear and limitation. As my partner, Deb Gleason recently said, “Thinking, language and thumbs, and we think we fucking rock.” (I do surround myself with the wisest women who don’t mince words.)

We may believe ourselves to be clever, intellectual and smart, but we are ignorant when it comes to the boundless ways of the Universe. The more aligned we are with thought, the more removed we are from our infinite, true nature.

The dilemma of modern society is that we seek to understand the world. Not in terms of our inner consciousness, but by quantifying and qualifying what we perceive to be the external world through science, reason, logic and rational thought. Science, in particular, is worshipped by the masses as “The Great Word”, not to be challenged or questioned. In my radically unique way of viewing the world, however, I see things very differently.

Mainstream science is the linear, Newtonian language of patriarchy, materialism and separateness. It leads to a parochial worldview locked in the absolutist confines of the conditioned intellect. It is incapable of experiencing and seeing the greater Whole of Life beyond the rigid box in which it was created. Scientific progress—from the mainstream medical model, to mainstream climate sciences—is ponderous and slow, and requires exact proof every inch of the way. Scientists are trained to look at the minutia of data and ignore the bigger picture. This fragmentation leads to an inability to connect the dots, even when the dots are in plain view.

By worshipping the holy grail of science, our worldview narrows and we become powerless to the stories of the external authorities who we believe, “know better”. Like the dogma of patriarchy and religion, the dogma of mainstream science is unyielding with its deathgrip on the human psyche. Our rigid belief in the linear, predictable nature of the planet, for example, is proving to be asinine as Gaea consistently transforms herself much “faster than expected”. As a species who thinks they’re so smart, we really know nothing.

As Joseph Selbie writes in, The Physics of God: Unifying Quantum Physics, Consciousness, M-Theory, Heaven, Neuroscience and Transcendence, “The religion of scientific materialism is very influential. Not just many scientists, but also a huge percentage of people in the world are unknowingly members of the church of scientific materialism because they have embraced the credo, ‘everything that is or ever will be, is the result of matter/energy interactions and nothing else.’ But make no mistake, the idea that everything that ever is and ever will be, springs from the interactions of matter and energy and nothing else is a belief, not a proven fact. Despite the efficacy of this scientific method, it is not the case as scientific materialists would have us think, that science has applied the scientific method to all possibilities for non-material realities and proven them all false. Rather, science as an official body has become so convinced of the truth of scientific materialism that it simply doesn’t explore alternative possibilities. The bias toward material explanations for all phenomena is so strong that it nearly eliminates the possibility of funding for any scientific inquiry that attempts to explore realities other than the material.

We may seek to know the innermost forces that create the world and guide its course, but we are conditioned to believe this Essential nature as something outside of ourselves, not as intrinsic to our own nature. We are incapable of understanding that the Force of this Essence is the deepest truth of what we are and that it is the exact same Force in all things living. We really are so much more than what we have been conditioned to believe ourselves to be. Remembering this truth allows us to finally see through the illusion of separation and realize that there is no animal, bird, insect, fish, reptile, amphibian, tree, flower, moss, plant, or other human being that we are not connected to.

To free ourselves from the suffocating paradigm of separation, we must create an entirely different paradigm—in our lives and in our world. Because of its staggering limitations, the dominant paradigm of separation is incapable of taking us anywhere else. By operating from within the confines of what we already know, we can only create a replica of what we already have. To discover the power of inner vision and create something radically different, we must let this paradigm go. The intellect is incapable of inner vision. It is only through the conduit of the body that inner vision becomes real.

Imagine a paradigm where the underlying presupposition is, “I am created in the likeness of god—not as a reflection—but as a unique and authentic expression of god itself!” A radical notion that shatters the illusion that separates us from the truth of what we actually are. Dogma and religion have instilled upon us that we are merely reflections of god; that we must seek to measure up to the almighty, judgmental patriarchal monarch sitting on a marble throne somewhere in the sky. But this is yet another lie to ensure we remain small and compliant to an inauthentic paradigm. Without belief in the dogma of an external god and the subsequent separation from the truth of what we are as the Creative Force itself, the more beautiful world of our imaginations becomes real. In fact, it could be nothing else.


Note: For readers with an aversion to the word, god, feel free to substitute with what works for you, be it Source, Divine, Creation, Soul, Betty, Wilma, Fred, Barney, or whatever. My point is that we are not our mortal meatbag bodies; we are the infinite Creative Force itself, animating mortal meatbag bodies. Living from this truth changes everything. Fear, despair, blame, shame, hate, and separation all disappear; and what remains is connection, unity, compassion, respect, integrity, kindness, honesty, and profound authenticity.

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