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UP #16: Learning To Play Again With Catherine Lesage

UP #16: Learning to Play Again with Catherine Lesage

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” —Picasso

What do you get when you mix yoga with creativity and play?

In today’s interview, you’re about to find out.

Catherine Lesage is the the founder of Littlefeet Yoga in Ottawa, Canada where she’s created a movement…of movement!

She’s a passionate woman who’s making a difference in the lives of children – and adults – by providing them with opportunities to explore their world through play, creativity and movement which helps them become more physically, emotionally, and intellectually intelligent in a way that defies the box of status-quo.

We all tend to take life far too seriously – including today’s kids – and this seriousness is making for a collective population of rather dull people. But Catherine is changing all of that through her philosophy to play, create, and cooperate.

Catherine and I first met when I we were both teaching at the same yoga centre in Ottawa and I was immediately struck with her passion, her ease with laughter, her love of nature, and her French-Canadian joie-de-vivre. I felt an immediate connection to this spirit-driven woman and I knew that she was someone who needed to be a part of this podcast.

In today’s interview, Catherine shares:

• The necessity of creative movement for the soul.
• Noticing when the “icky” feeling is trying to speak to you.
• The importance of connecting to body wisdom.
• How play is the seed of creativity.
• The transformative power of nature.
• The art of being a child again.
• The lost art of touch.
• Fearless creativity.

We also speak about how she overcame the physical challenges that affected her early in life, as well her journey from the stifling world of mainstream employment to the liberation of yoga. And then we delve into the evolution of the creation of her unique model of holistic and creative yogic movement for children of all ages.

This is an interview that will leave you feeling joyful, connected, and ready to have some good-time fun to remind you of the child still living in your core.

CBC Interview with Catherine Lesage


Littlefeet Yoga website.

• Littlefeet Yoga on Youtube

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