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UP #38: You Have The Power To Be Exactly Who You Want To Be With Brynn McLennan

UP #38: You Have the Power to be Exactly Who You Want to Be with Brynn McLennan

How many people do you know who whine and complain their way through life refusing to take ownership for their circumstances? How many people do you know who adopt the victim identity for every little thing that isn’t just “right” about life? I’m sure we can all think of at least a few of these types. Perhaps a co-worker, acquaintance, family member – they’re everywhere. The energy sucking vampires with a perpetual case of what I call PMS – or Poor Me Syndrome.

I’ve reached a point in my life where I have limited bandwidth for this type of energy drain and refuse to enter what would become a life-sucking codependent relationship with a PMS victim. This is self love through self respect.

I’ve also learned to be very protective of my energy so that I can maintain laser focus on my purpose without the distraction of someone who refuses to take ownership for their life. This is what I call compassionate detachment. I energetically wish the person well on their journey with the detached hope that they’ll eventually wake up, take charge of their life and become the person that their soul is longing to be.

I love meeting people who inspire me. People who own their lives – everything – the awesome stuff as well as the messy stuff. People who don’t pretend to be something that they’re not. People who are as comfortable being open and vulnerable with their perceived weaknesses as they are with their successes. People who are loving, humble, honest, selfless, integrous, caring, passionate, inspiring, raw, and real. People who are open-hearted, awake, and who truly own their power. I feel deeply blessed that I have so many people like this in my life and that I continue to meet many more through this podcasting journey. Today’s Unplug podcast interviewee is no exception.

Brynn McLennan is an inspiring woman with a fierce passion for life and a powerful faith in the magnificence of the human heart. Brynn is also a determined woman who believes deeply in human potential. She was introduced to me by my inspiring friend Sylvie Gouin (who was interviewed last week in episode #37). Sylvie intuitively knew that Brynn and I were meant to connect and after snooping around her website, I agreed that it was destined to be. I was immediately inspired.

You see at age twelve Brynn was given a wheelchair sentence by doctors for a rare form of muscular dystrophy that stripped her of the ability to stand upright. Not one to be easily deterred, Brynn is still upright 20 years later and has built a rich life for herself despite the medical odds. The mind, when coupled with the heart, is powerful beyond cognitive comprehension.

Brynn is someone who could easily fall prey to Poor Me Syndrome with her physical reality, but instead, she refuses to define herself by the disease that has robbed her of what many people take for granted – the ability to move freely, uninhibited by the soul temple known as the physical body. Brynn’s soul is so vibrant that the body she inhabits doesn’t slow her down. She’s an upcoming author and a passionate crusader for stem cell therapy – an exciting advancement not only for human health but also for the elimination of archaic and cruel animal testing.

Brynn shares her deep wisdom on topics such as:

• Living intuitively to bypass the downward spiral of the story mind.
• How we are so much more than our physical body.
• How it’s ok to feel everything as long as we allow it to continually move through us.
• How everyone has the resources within to be able to handle anything that comes their way.
• How choosing the role of victim becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
• What is stem cell therapy and it’s exciting implications for all living beings.
• You have all the power within to be who you want to be.
• How judgement creates isolation and loneliness.
• How acceptance is liberation.

Brynn has a profound wisdom that is well beyond her years and her love for life is contagious. I’m grateful to Sylvie for setting up a connection with this amazing woman and I’m deeply honored to share her essence with everyone listening today.

Walking Tall: The Story of Brynn Mclennan


This week, I invite you to tell yourself the truth about who you are truly meant to be. Close your eyes, slow down your mind, go into the silence and let your soul speak to you. Feel it. Embody it. Become it. You will never regret it.


• Stem Cells for Brynn website.
I AM Possible Mother Daughter Conference with Brynn.

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